The Value of an MBNA Reward Point

The dollar value of 1 MBNA Reward Point is

Dollar value of 1 point Flexibility of points Can points cover taxes and fees?
$0.01 Strong Yes

How Much are your MBNA Rewards points worth?

When redeemed for travel (i.e. flights and hotel stays), MBNA Rewards points carry a value of 1 point = $0.01 (or 1%).

The MBNA Rewards program also offers the option of cash back by redeeming 10,000 points for a $50 cheque (or 0.5% cash back). Redeeming for travel is therefore the best route to take if you're earning points on an MBNA credit card. has calculated the following value of an MBNA Reward for travel:

$100.00 value of
10,000 points
÷ 10000 points =
$0.01 per point has calculated following the value of an MBNA Reward for cash back:

$50.00 value of
10,000 points
÷ 10000 points =
$0.005 per point

Overall Flexibilty: Strong

Taxes and fees covered? Consistent value? Transferable to/from other rewards programs?
Yes Yes No
Yes, you can pay for taxes, fees, and surcharges using points Yes, each point is always worth $0.01 for travel. No, you cannot convert points to other loyalty programs
More than one airline involved in program? Can the points be used retroactively? Expiration date on points?
Yes Yes No
Yes, you can book with multiple carriers. Yes, MBNA offers the flexibility of paying for travel after it has been booked.
Points can be redeemed towards all travel expenses.
No, there is no expiration date while you are an active member.

The MBNA Rewards program is growing in popularity with credit card users. It provides all of the same benefits as the reward program giants like Aeroplan, but with much more booking flexibility. The absence of blackout dates and seasonality, limited seat availability, booking fees and point expiration make it straight forward and flexible.

The only drawback of the MBNA Reward program is that flights are limited to major Canadian airports. To fly out of a rural airport you must call in advance and redeem points at non-standard redemption rates

It’s nice to know that the value of each point you earn is always $0.01 when redeemed for travel. It's worth noting, however, when when redeemed for cash back, each point you earn has a lesser value of $0.005.

MBNA Reward points can be used to cover taxes and fees.

Best Way to Use Your MBNA Reward Points

While MBNA Rewards points are fleixble and can be redeemed for either points or cash back, when it comes a point-per dollar value, it's best to stick with travel redemeptions.

Here's why: When redeemed for travel, 1 MBNA point has a value of $0.01. However, when redeemed for cash back, 1 MBNA points has a lesser value of $0.005. That means you'll walk away double the value with travel redemptions.

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