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Trip cancellation insurance

Cancellations or delays can seriously affect your holiday and travel plans. Travel insurance can help protect you financially – get a customized quote with us today.

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Despite months of expert planning, a vacation can be over in moments, when sudden and unforeseen events require you to cancel travel plans. Even the best-laid plans can be derailed by a medical emergency, death in the family, natural disasters, or visa issues. The same goes for emergencies that happen while on a holiday.

With trip cancellation insurance in Canada, you’ll be reimbursed for prepaid, non-refundable, non-transferable travel expenses if your trip is cancelled before departure or interrupted due to a covered event as defined by your insurance policy.


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Frequently asked questions

Trip Cancellation Insurance: Common questions

How does trip cancellation insurance work?

How much does trip cancellation insurance cost?

Can you buy just trip cancellation insurance?

Is trip cancellation insurance worth buying?

What are covered reasons for trip cancellation?

Protect yourself against cancellations

Travel insurance is inexpensive and quick to arrange, but it protects you against the pain of cancellation or delays to your flights and tours.

The importance of trip cancellation insurance

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Trip cancellation insurance must be in place before you travel. Ideally, it should be purchased as soon as your trip is booked - especially if your departure date is months away - to ensure you're covered before something happens that would force you to abruptly cancel.

One of the most important parts of travel insurance is understanding exactly what’s covered and excluded in a policy, especially when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions for yourself, your spouse, travel companion, or immediate family members. Not every situation or loss is covered, and coverage is restricted to the terms outlined in your policy. 

In addition to pre-departure cancellation coverage, a few things that are also covered include: 

  • Baggage loss insurance: Reimbursement for certain costs related to the loss, damage or theft of luggage or travel documents such as visas or passports during your trip.
  • Baggage delay: Reimbursement for the cost of purchasing essential clothing and toiletries if your luggage is delayed for a certain number of hours.
  • Trip delay and interruption: Reimbursement if your trip is delayed or interrupted due to a covered cause. Covered causes may include emergency illness, injury, hospitalization or quarantine of you, your spouse, travel companion, immediate family member, caregiver, key employee or business partner or destination host.
  • Flight and travel accident: Benefits for serious injury or death because of an accidental injury that occurs on a commercial aircraft during your trip.

If the non-refundable portion of your trip is expensive, you should consider factoring the cost of travel insurance into the cost of a trip - a $500 premium beats paying the full cost of a non-refundable $5,000 trip.

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