What type of rewards do you want to earn for every dollar you spend? Is cash back important to you? Would you prefer gift cards or store credit? What about free flights and hotels? Think about what's most important to you and what would help your budget the most, then look for the best cards to offer that reward.
Some credit cards come with an annual fee and some do not. The general rule for this is that the greater the rewards, the larger the annual fee. The annual fee is charged once per year and is added to your credit card statement. If you don't mind paying an annual fee, select I don't mind. If you'd prefer not to pay to use a credit card, select None.
Most credit cards have a minimum credit score requirement. Select your credit score to filter your credit card results based on your credit score and which cards you are most likely to be approved for. If you aren’t sure what your credit score is, select “Not sure”, and your results will be filtered without taking your credit score in to account.