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Latest press releases

  • Ratehub Inc. launches its own insurance brokerage

    Canadian financial technology company launches P&C insurance brokerage as it grows the largest financial product comparison website.

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  • Ratehub Inc. Raises $12 Million to Accelerate Growth of Mortgage and Insurance Offerings

    Canadian financial technology company secures first round of funding from Elephant.

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  • Ratehub Inc. Acquires MoneySense

    Canada's leading personal finance brands team up to connect more Canadians with advice, tools, and insights for smarter financial decisions

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Latest surveys & studies

  • Only 1 in 3 Canadians have checked their credit report in the last year

    A 2021 survey found that a large number of Canadians claimed they don’t check their credit report, don’t research credit cards, and have never negotiated terms with their provider.

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  • 64% of Canadians let their car insurance policy auto renew

    A recent survey of over 1,300 drivers across Canada found that many drivers don't review their auto insurance policy regularly or compare the market for the best coverage and price.

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  • 78% of credit card users say their most used card is a reward card

    When it comes to credit cards, Canadians prefer to chase rewards. Findings from's 2021 Credit Card survey indicate that Canadians prioritize reward credit cards over all other card types.

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In the news

  • The Toronto Star

    Gen-X and millennial savers should reach out to robo-advisers

    The Toronto Star recommends Ratehub as the online destination to learn about Canada's growing roster of robo-advisers.

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  • Huffington Post

    Canadians Should Have ‘The Talk’ ASAP To Avoid Financial Infidelity's Valentine's Day survey of over 1,000 Canadians found that 46% of Canadians would consider major credit card debt a first date dealbreaker

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  • Global news

    Money 123: Pros and cons of a 30-year mortgage plan

    Ratehub Inc. co-founder James Laird discusses the pros and cons of choosing a 30-year amortization for a mortgage.

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