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Latest press releases

  • Ratehub Inc. Raises $12 Million to Accelerate Growth of Mortgage and Insurance Offerings

    Canadian financial technology company secures first round of funding from Elephant.

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  • Ratehub Inc. Acquires MoneySense

    Canada's leading personal finance brands team up to connect more Canadians with advice, tools, and insights for smarter financial decisions.

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  • Canadians quick to believe common insurance myths debunks myths on how insurers calculate pricing, while launching new tools to help Canadians find the right insurance products.

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  • The Toronto Star

    Gen-X and millennial savers should reach out to robo-advisers

    The Toronto Star recommends Ratehub as the online destination to learn about Canada's growing roster of robo-advisers.

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  • Huffington Post

    Canadians Should Have ‘The Talk’ ASAP To Avoid Financial Infidelity's Valentine's Day survey of over 1,000 Canadians found that 46% of Canadians would consider major credit card debt a first date dealbreaker

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  • Global news

    Money 123: Pros and cons of a 30-year mortgage plan

    Ratehub Inc. co-founder James Laird discusses the pros and cons of choosing a 30-year amortization for a mortgage.

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