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Compare the best home insurance quotes in Ontario

In under five minutes, compare Ontario home insurance quotes from the province's top providers – find the cheapest rate with us today.

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Recent Ontario home insurance quotes from

Shopping for home insurance in Ontario is easy with – thousands of users visit us each week, looking for the best coverage options on the market. By taking just a few minutes out of your day to provide us with some details, you can compare personalized home insurance quotes from Ontario's top providers. For reference, here are a few sample rates our users received in May of 2024. 

  • $83/month

    2,077 square-foot semi-detached home in Brampton

    for one family, under MAX Insurance

  • $88/month

    1,710 square-foot townshouse home in Milton

    for one family, under Travelers Insurance

  • $92/month

    1,008 square-foot detached home in Ottawa

    for one couple, under Wawanesa Insurance

  • $127/month

    1,304 square-foot detached home in Oshawa

    for one family, under CAA Insurance

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How does home insurance in Ontario work?

Home insurance isn't required by law in Ontario – as well as the rest of Canada. While it's highly recommended that you carry some form of coverage to protect such as large asset, it's also entirely up to you as the homeowner. 

The one exception, however, is if you have a mortgage on the property. It's no surprise that many lenders will require you to carry home insurance as part of the lending agreement as a safeguard for their investment. 

A home insurance policy doesn't just pay for the repair and replacement of your property in the event of physical damage. It can also cover all the personal belongings within it and act as a financial safeguard against liability claims. To learn more about all things home insurance in Ontario, be sure to read on.

Types of Ontario home insurance policies

Different home insurance companies will offer different types of home insurance policies – here, we cover three common options for property owners in Ontario. Keep in mind, however, that most policyholders will go for the comprehensive choice as it provides the best range of coverage. 

Standard home insurance coverages in Ontario

While the specific home insurance policy you choose will determine the risks you're insured against (e.g. fire, theft), most plans in Ontario will come with the following standard coverages.

Dwelling coverage

Contents coverage

Liability coverage

Additional living expenses coverage

Common home insurance add-ons in Ontario

You also have the option to enhance the coverage on your Ontario home insurance policy further with add-ons. Keep in mind that these are just a few examples, and your options may differ depending on the insurance company you go with.

  • Home-based business insurance

    If you run a business from home, you may want coverage agaisnt commercial-related risks (e.g. damaged stock).

  • Umbrella insurance

    These policies are typically sold separately. They offer an extension to your auto or home insurance's liability limit – plus cover additional forms of liability.

  • Identity theft insurance

    If your information is stolen with the intent to commit crime, this coverage can help you with the recovery process financially.

  • Extended contents insurance

    Some items (e.g. art, jewelry) have set coverage limits. With this add-on, you can increase the limit for peace of mind.

  • Flood insurance

    This covers you for flood damage (which can include overland water and sewer backup) – highly recommended for homes in flood-prone areas.

  • Earthquake insurance

    Earthquakes are usually an uninsured peril unless you add the coverage to your policy. Consider doing so if you live in an area that could be impacted.

Get the best home insurance quotes in Ontario with us today.

In just a few minutes, view personalized home insurance quotes from the province's top providers – your best rate is only a few steps away.

How much is home insurance in Ontario?

There is no one set cost for home insurance in Ontario. While insurers look at various different factors to determine your quote, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500 for an annual policy. To find an exact number for your coverage needs, be sure to compare personalized home insurance quotes with us today.

The average cost of Ontario home insurance by city

Location plays a big role in your personalized home insurance quote. Here, we compare the average cost of home insurance (plus the average cost to replace a home) in six popular Ontario cities based on our own user data – all numbers were last updated in May 2024. 

  • $211/month

    Ottawa home insurance

    We found the average replacement cost of an Ottawa home to be $629,567.

  • $239/month

    Hamilton home insurance

    In Hamilton, the average replacement cost of a home is $571,754 – based on our user data.

  • $248/month

    Windsor home insurance

    We found the average replacement cost of a home in Windsor to be $502,011.

  • $306/month

    Mississauga home insurance

    According to user data, homes here cost an average of $732,645 to replace.

  • $337/month

    Brampton home insurance

    According to user data, homes here cost an average of $686,247 to replace.

  • $430/month

    Toronto home insurance

    Based on our numbers, the average replacement cost of a Toronto home is $702,622.

Factors that impact your Ontario home insurance quote

Home insurance companies in Ontario look at many different factors to determine your personalized quote – here are a few key ones that help indicate the level of risk you bring as a policyholder.

Property type

Home replacement cost


Internal construction


Renovations & betterments


Pools & acessory dwellings

Special use

Credit score

Insurance history

How to get the cheapest home insurance in Ontario

While insurance companies are the ones that quote you, there are still many steps you could be taking to ensure you're getting the best rate possible. Here, we cover eight different methods you can try to get cheap home insurance in Ontario.

  1. Shop and compare

    Different insurers have different methods of quoting their customers. So you won't know which one offers the best rate until you shop around with us.

  2. Bundle policies

    P&C insurers offer discounts to customers who bundle multiple policies under them. So if you have other coverage needs (e.g. auto insurance), consider bundling.

  3. Stay loyal

    Some insurance companies may offer discounts to long-term customers. But of course, don't let this deter you from switching to a cheaper provider.

  4. Upgrade your property

    While some property upgrades (e.g. remodelled kitchen) can increase your home insurance rate, others (e.g. roof replacement) can help lower it.

  1. Improve your credit

    The best rates go to those who opt-in for a soft credit check (and also have a good credit score, of course). So improving your credit can lead to cheaper home insurance.

  2. Install safety systems

    Home insurance companies may also offer discounts if you have safety systems in place, such as a centrally monitored fire alarm, to help lower the risk of a claim.

  3. Increase your deductible

    A deductible is the set amount of money you're responsible for paying out before your insurer foots the rest. Higher deductibles lead to lower premiums.

  4. Just ask

    Simply asking for a discount can help you uncover savings – for instance, your insurer may offer group rates for certified professionals or special alumni.

Ready to secure cheap Ontario home insurance?

We're ready to help you – compare home insurance quotes from top Ontario providers with us today.

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