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Compare Canadian insurance broker quotes

Everything you need to know about how insurance brokers and brokerages operate in Canada.


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Insurance broker basics

What is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker works at selling and negotiating life, home, car and various other insurance coverages on behalf of different insurance companies to the end consumer. They might work as an individual or part of a larger team of brokers at an insurance brokerage.

What is an insurance brokerage?

An insurance brokerage is a licensed team of insurance brokers providing independent, unbiased advice about life, home, and auto insurance from different insurance providers. Each insurance broker sells insurance from various providers on behalf of the brokerage.

What does an insurance broker do?

An insurance broker will sell different types of policies. They're responsible for promoting new products to new or current customers, finding the best insurance policy for their clients, and filling out all the necessary paperwork. They take the time to explain, in detail, each portion of the policy, they calculate payment plans and help you handle any insurance claims. 

An insurance broker can also help you navigate risks for your unique situation. In life insurance, they'll explore your medical background to decide which company serves you best.

A home & car insurance broker will work with you to understand how you plan on using the car to ensure you have proper coverage. Also, they'll review your home insurance options and what extra endorsements might be valuable to protect your home from potential risks. Finally, they'll explore options such as bundling discounts, alumni discounts and recommended add-ons for better protection. 

An insurance broker ensures your assets are protected based on your unique risk profile. They help you decide what you need and don't need, as they customize a plan that suits you. Whether that means paying extra to protect your classic car or not insuring your home for its full value to pay a lower premium. Below are some examples unique to what you might find with individual brokers.

How does an insurance broker make money?

An insurance broker earns a commission from the policies they sell that is paid out by the insurance company. An auto insurance broker commission will range from 10-12.5%. In contrast, a home insurance commission could be as high as 20-23%, according to the Globe & Mail.  An insurance broker also makes a base salary, which, according to, average salary is $39,496.

Types of insurance brokers

Car insurance broker

Home insurance broker

Life insurance broker

High-risk insurance broker

Compare car insurance broker rates

In less than 5 minutes, you can compare car insurance quotes from multiple Canadian brokerages.

Examples of insurance brokerage compensation rates

Insurance providerAnnual commission on auto insuranceAnnual commission on home insurance
Economical10% to 12.5%17.5% to 20%
Intact10% to 12.5%15% to 20%
RSA Canada10% to 14%20%
Wawanesa7.5% to 12.5%20%
Aviva10% to 13.5%15% to 25%
Travelers12.5%12.5% to 20%

Our insurance brokerage partners

BrokerageProductsService area
RH InsuranceAuto, home, tenantOntario, head office in Toronto
Begin InsuranceAuto, home, tenant, travel, business, lifeOntario with offices in  Markham and Hamilton, Ontario
Cheep insuranceCar, home, tenant, taxi, boat, travel trailerAtlantic Canada
Easy insureAuto, home, tenants, boat, life, travel, groupOntario with head office in Windsor, Ontario
Excalibur insuranceAuto, home, farm, business, landlord, life, travelOntario with offices in Clinton, Wingham, Exeter, and Mitchell
Insurance HeroAuto, home, business, travel, life, and group insuranceOntario with offices in Toronto and Sudbury, Ontario
Servo insurance brokersHome, auto, farm, business, high riskOntario with offices in Toronto and Kingsville, Ontario

Insurance broker vs. Insurance agent

Both insurance brokers and insurance agents work with customers and insurers to sell insurance products on behalf of the companies they represent. The difference between an insurance broker and an agent is the broker works with multiple providers, while an agent represents one insurance company. An agent will be unable to help you compare the market, but will have in-depth knowledge and expertise about the products they sell. An insurance broker conversely, will be able to provide unbiased advice to help you shop the market for the insurance policy that best suits your needs.


Insurance brokerages and insurance brokers FAQ

How does a brokerage work?

Should you use an insurance broker?

Do I need an insurance broker?

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Is an insurance broker?

Who licenses insurance brokers in Canada?

Who licenses insurance brokers in Ontario?

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