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How to find the best travel insurance for Canadians

Planning your next trip? Protect yourself with a customized travel insurance policy for a great price today.

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What is travel insurance in Canada?

Travel insurance protects you financially against a wide range of emergencies that could happen while you're taking a trip. Whether you're visiting another province for the weekend or planning an annual business trip overseas, costly implications may arise – including expenses for medical care, trip cancellation, or lost baggage. Having a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place ensures you won't be on your own when it comes to these expenses, allowing you to experience your trip worry-free.

If you're looking to insure your next trip, we can help. Take a minute to provide us with a few details, including the where and the when. We'll show you personalized travel insurance quotes, so you can bind your policy online today. The sooner you're covered, the sooner you can receive peace of mind.

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The different types of travel insurance plans

Not all travel insurance policies are the same. Whether you're an avid backpacker or planning your very first overseas getaway, you can find an insurance plan that suits your specific needs. 

What does travel insurance cover?

While your personal policy can differ depending on the insurer you choose, an all-inclusive travel insurance plan typically includes the following types of coverages.

Medical insurance

Trip cancellation insurance

Trip interruption insurance

Baggage & personal effects insurance

Flight & travel accident insurance

How much is travel insurance?

Travel insurance premiums differ on a case-to-case basis, but you can expect to pay about 4 to 10% of your trip's cost for a standard policy. Learn more about how to get your own travel insurance quote today.

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How your travel insurance quote is calculated

  1. Age

    Old age can lead to more expensive travel insurance rates as you’re statistically more likely to make a medical claim.

  2. Health

    Not all travel insurance policies cover pre-existing medical conditions – you may need to purchase specialized coverage for a higher premium.

  3. Destination

    Visiting high-risk areas can increase your travel insurance quote as you're more likely to face implications such as illness and theft.

  1. Trip cost

    The more expensive your trip costs, the more expensive your insurance will be – insurers have to pay out more if you’re in need of a refund.

  2. Trip duration

    It’s no surprise that a month away from home will cost more to insure than a weekend getaway – extended coverage means higher premiums.

  3. Coverage type

    A basic policy might not include trip cancellation insurance, but you’ll also be paying less when compared to an all-inclusive package.

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