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Get travel insurance for seniors in Canada

Whether you're taking a quick retirement getaway or embracing the snowbird lifestyle, we can help – get a customized travel insurance plan from our verified partner today.

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What is senior travel insurance?

Senior travel insurance is a specialized type of travel insurance plan, designed to meet the unique coverage needs of older individuals (e.g. 55 years old and above). Like standard plans, these policies can help pay for various emergency medical expenses while travelling, such as hospitalization fees, physician services, prescription drugs, and more. Plus, coverage to protect against trip cancellation or trip interruption can also be added. However, senior travel insurance takes into account the unique vulnerabilities associated with factors – such as age, health status, and extended trip durations – to ensure that older travellers are adequately protected during their time away.

Different types of senior travel insurance plans

As a senior, there are many different travel insurance plans you can choose from. Here, we cover three common types of policies, so you can select the one that best meets your coverage needs. Keep in mind that your options may differ depending on the provider you choose, so be sure to seek out assistance from an insurance representative if needed.

What is snowbird travel insurance for seniors?

Some travel insurance providers offer specialized policies for snowbirds – these plans are designed specifically for those that go away during the winter season, accounting for risks that come with an extended trip duration.

Common coverages in a travel medical insurance plan for seniors

Travel medical insurance is arguably the most important type of coverage you'll need as a senior. These policies cover you for a wide range of medical-related expenses in the event of an emergency. Here, we cover a few common coverages that most policies for seniors include – but as always, be sure to read your terms and conditions carefully as policy features may differ from insurer to insurer.

  • Hospital fees

    If you end up in the hospital while you're on your trip, travel medical insurance can cover related expenses – physician fees, room occupancy, and more.

  • Ambulance services

    Travel medical insurance can cover the cost of an ambulance. And it may also pay for transporation to the nearest appropriate medical facility, if none are localized.

  • Diagnostic services

    Travel medical insurance can help cover various diagnostic services that you no longer have health coverage for – MRI scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, and more.

  • Prescription drugs

    If you need to fill a prescription while you're away from home – which your regular health insurance won't cover – your travel medical insurance can step in.

  • Emergency dental care

    Travel insurance can help pay for dental care needs – but it'll need to be emergent. You won't be able to claim a regualar teeth cleaning session.

  • Emergency transportation home

    Aside from ambulance services, travel insurance can help cover an emergent return home or pay for a companion to fly out to your bedside.

Can I get senior travel insurance with a pre-existing condition?

Yes, it's possible to secure travel insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, but availability and coverage terms may differ from provider to provider. Travel insurance quotes are generally calculated for healthy individuals, so expect to pay higher rates if your health status isn't the best.

It's important to disclose your pre-existing condition ahead of time. Many travel insurance companies will require you to complete some form of a medical questionnaire once you reach an older age. Make sure you're completing this with accuracy – the last thing you want is for a claim to be denied while you're in need of a payout abroad. 

Also, note that many travel insurance plans which cover those with pre-existing conditions will require the condition to be stable for a set period of time (e.g. 90 days). If there are changes to your condition during this time, travel claims related to the health issue may be limited. 

Speak to an insurance representative for more details on coverage options while you're travelling with a pre-existing condition. Every insurer and every policy is different, so it's important to do your research in order to select the most suitable option for your needs. 

Get travel insurance for seniors in Canada today.

Looking for senior travel insurance? We've got you covered – get a customized policy with our verified partner today.

Other types of travel insurance for seniors

Aside from medical coverage, you can also consider other types of travel policies, such as trip interruption insurance, trip cancellation insurance, and baggage insurance. Many providers will offer these options along with their medical plan as one premium package.

Trip cancellation insurance

Trip interruption insurance

Baggage & personal effects insurance

Senior travel insurance vs. regular travel insurance

Some travel insurance providers offer their standard travel insurance plans to seniors while others may provide specialized plans that cater to unique coverage needs. Here, we cover the main differences between a senior travel insurance policy and a regular one.

How much is travel insurance for Canadian seniors?

The cost of senior travel insurance can vary greatly – generally speaking, the more risk you and your trip bring, the more it'll cost to insure. For reference, here are three sample quotes we pulled from top travel insurance providers in Canada. Each number is representative of an all-inclusive plan which includes emergency medical, trip interruption, and trip cancellation coverage.

  • $538

    1-week trip to Banff, Canada

    for two seniors, 65 years old ($3,000 trip cost)

  • $1,431

    2-week trip to Paris, France

    for two seniors, 68 years old ($10,000 trip cost)

  • $1,464

    1-month trip to Cancun, Mexico

    for one senior, 73 years old ($7,000 trip cost)

Factors that impact your senior travel insurance quote

There are various factors that contribute to the cost of your insurance. Here, we cover six main ones, so you can better understand how insurers calculate your risk level as a travelling senior.

  1. Age

    As a senior, your age can pose a risk to insurers. So the older you are, the more expensive your premium will be.

  2. Health status

    If you have a pre-existing condition, you may be subject to higher travel insurance rates due to the added risk you bring.

  3. Destination

    Travelling to high-risk places for incidents such as crime and illness can increase the cost of your insurance.

  1. Trip cost

    Expensive trips come with expensive insurance – this is especially the case for trip cancellation and interruption coverage.

  2. Trip duration

    It's no surprise that longer trips come with a higher possibility of an emergency – so expect to pay higher insurance rates.

  3. Coverage options

    All-inclusive plans inevitably cost more than basic medical plans. And higher coverage limits don't come without an added cost.

Ready to secure your senior travel insurance?

We can help – get a low-rate travel insurance policy with our verified partner today.

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