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CanWise Financial

CanWise Financial

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CanWise Financial

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CanWise Financial

CanWise Financial

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CanWise Financial

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CanWise Financial

CanWise Financial

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CanWise Financial

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CanWise Financial

CanWise Financial

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CanWise Financial

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Getting the best mortgage rates in Edmonton

As the capital of Alberta, Edmonton has a healthy real estate market, supported by a competitive and vibrant mortgage industry. This is great for the Edmonton homebuyer, as it offers more choice than many smaller cities.

While Edmonton may be smaller in size than its close city-neighbor Calgary, Edmonton is still a wonderful place to call home. Here's everything you need to know about comparing mortgage rates and getting a mortgage in Edmonton, Alberta.

Best mortgage rates in Edmonton +

Comparing the best mortgage rates in Edmonton

The best thing you can do to get access to the best mortgage rates in Edmonton is to compare the offers from multiple banks and brokerages. The comparison tables above are a great source of information, as they contain the most up to date rates from Edmonton's leading lenders.

It's important to remember that the rate you end up with could be different from the rates in the tables above. This could be because you don't qualify for the best available rate, or because you might need a more specialized product. Factors like your down payment, mortgage type, home type, and credit score can all impact your final mortgage rate.

To learn more about the rates you're likely to be offered, it's a good idea to get quotes from multiple lenders and brokerages. You can do this in one quick and easy step, by starting a quote at the top of this page.

Edmonton closing costs

While the purchase price will be most of the money you'll pay when buying a home in Edmonton, you'll also need to factor in the other closing costs that you'll be charged. Some of these will be included in the price of your mortgage, but others will need to be paid upfront, in cash.

  • Alberta Land Transfer Fee: Unlike most of Canada's largest provinces, Alberta doesn't have a land transfer tax. However, there is a fee you'll need to pay whenever you purchase property in the province. The fee is equal to $50 + $1 for every $5,000 or portion thereof of the property value.
  • Alberta Mortgage Fee: In addition to the land transfer tax, Alberta mortgages are subject to an additional fee, using a similar formula.  This fee is $50 + $1 for every $5,000 or part thereof of the mortgage amount.
  • CMHC Insurance: If your down payment is less than 20%, you're required to pay for mortgage default insurance. This can be a significant amount, but it is generally included in your mortgage.
  • Legal fees: A real estate lawyer will need to look over your mortgage contract, facilitate the sale of the property, and make any necessary changes to your land title on your behalf. Their fees are normally in the hundreds or low thousands of dollars.

These are just some of the closing costs you’ll have to pay in Edmonton. Learn more on our closing costs education center page.

Edmonton first-time homebuyer rebates

Many Canadian provinces give first-time homebuyers a rebate on land transfer taxes. Of course, Alberta doesn't have a land transfer tax, but it does have a land transfer fee. Despite that, Alberta does not offer first-time homebuyers a rebate on the land transfer fee. Fortunately, the land transfer and mortgage fees in Alberta still end up being cheaper than the land transfer taxes in many other provinces.

Edmonton's first-time homebuyers can still access federal first-time homebuyer programs. It's worth taking the time to learn about all of the first-time homebuyers programs in Canada to maximize your purchasing power.

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