1. Mortgage rate history

3 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate History

Posted Historical 3-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates (2000 - Today)

These 3-year fixed mortgage rates are sourced from the Bank of Canada and go as far back as 2000. Posted rates represent an average of the banks posted rates.

Historical Posted 3-year Mortgage Rates From 2000 - Today

Download the CSV file - 3-Year Posted Mortgage Rates

Discounted Historical 3-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates (2006 - Today)

Historical Discounted 3-year Mortgage Rates From 2006 - Today

As mortgage rate discounting is very common in Canada, we've also collected discounted values for fixed 3 year mortgage rates in Canada. These rates are sourced from discounted brokerages and Ratehub.ca beginning in 2010.

Licence the Ratehub.ca dataset for 3-year discounted mortgage rates