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Types of home insurance in Canada

Looking for home insurance? We've got you covered – click on the different types of home insurance below to learn more about the coverage you need.

How to compare home insurance quotes with

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    Tell us a little about yourself and your property coverage needs.

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    We instantly show you home insurance quotes from top Canadian providers.

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    Choose your quote and secure your home insurance rate online.

Do you have the right home insurance coverage?

No matter what type of home insurance you're looking for, we can help. In under five minutes, compare rates from top Canadian insurers to see how much you can save.

Compare home insurance quotes by property type

Although home insurance isn't required by law in Canada, it's always a good idea to protect one of your largest investments ahead of time. Whether you're a homeowner or a renter – and whether you live in a condo unit or a two-story home – you can find the right coverage for your specific needs. Select your property type below to compare personalized home insurance quotes from Canada's top providers today.

If you own a personal watercraft, you'll also want to insure your prized possession. Home insurance companies typically offer coverage for these types of properties on a separate policy due to the increased risks that come with boating. 

Home insurance basics

How does property insurance work? What does your policy actually cover? Is home insurance regulated in Canada? Visit our page on home insurance basics, so you can purchase your coverage with ease.

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Compare home insurance quotes by coverage type

Aside from the standard coverages on a home insurance policy, you can also customize your package to suit your unique situation. For instance, flood insurance can protect you financially if you live near a large body of water while short-term rental insurance can come in handy if you're listing your home on Airbnb. Visit our pages below to learn more about the different types of home insurance coverages.

How to save on home insurance

Looking for cheap home insurance? While comparing quotes with us is one way to save, here are a few other methods you can test out to ensure you're getting the best rate possible.

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