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Find your best car and home insurance bundle quotes

Compare discounted car and home insurance quotes today to find your lowest rate. Start your journey on our property insurance quoter today.

How to compare bundled car insurance quotes with

  1. Share information

    Tell us a little about yourself and your auto coverage needs.

  2. Compare quotes

    We instantly show you bundle discounted auto insurance quotes from top Canadian providers.

  3. Save money

    Choose your quote and secure your car insurance rate online.

How to get a bundle insurance discount in Canada

  • House & auto

    Bundle your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance.

  • Condo & auto

    Bundle your condo insurance with your auto insurance.

  • Tenant & auto

    Bundle your renters insurance with your auto insurance.

What is a home and car insurance bundle?

Bundling your insurance means you are purchasing more than one type of coverage from the same insurance provider. Most property and casualty (P&C) companies offer more than one type of insurance, such as car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, condo insurance, and tenant insurance.

By selecting the same insurer for multiple coverage needs –also known as purchasing an insurance bundle – you could be eligible for a discounted premium. Insurance companies value loyal customers and a bundle discount is one way providers can thank you for your business.

Types of multi-policy discount insurance

A multi-vehicle insurance bundle means you’re purchasing more than one auto insurance policy from the same provider for a discounted premium. While this is typically most common for those that own multiple cars, some other variations of a multi-auto insurance bundle include:

Benefits of bundling your auto and home insurance

  1. Save on your auto and home insurance

    The biggest benefit to bundling your policies under one insurer is the specialty discount you can receive. Each insurance company is different, but you can expect a certain percentage in savings when staying loyal to your provider. Compare rates to find out which one saves you the most.

  2. Pay one deductible for shared claims

    By bundling your insurance, some providers may only require you to pay one deductible for shared claims against both your vehicle and home. For instance, if a storm damages your house and car, you may get away with paying your deductible once, instead of dealing with multiple policies with different insurers.

  3. Stay on top of your insurance bill

    Having too many bills to pay at the end of the month could result in you forgetting to pay one – and you wouldn’t want your coverage to be cancelled because of one small mistake. By bundling all your policies together, this makes the process much easier every time.

  4. Reduce your risk of being dropped

    If you have multiple insurance policies under one provider, you could reduce the likelihood of losing your coverage. Let’s say you made several car insurance claims in the last year, causing your insurer to consider dropping you as a customer – bundling policies could reduce your chances because it shows you’re providing good business.

See how much you can save with a bundle insurance quote.

Get the best coverage at the right price by comparing bundle home and car insurance quotes online, for free. It only takes 5 minutes to save hundreds of dollars today.

Best car and home insurance company bundle discounts

Although most property and casualty (P&C) insurers offer the option to combine your auto and home policy together, here’s a list of some popular insurance companies in Canada that offer insurance bundles – and the discount you can expect to receive. Keep in mind, however, that the largest discount doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best premium. Every insurer calculates home and car insurance quotes differently, so to make sure you’re getting the lowest rate possible, be sure to compare bundled insurance quotes with us. 

How do you save bundling home and auto insurance?

The more insurance products you bundle, the more you can save. Depending on the insurance provider and type of product bundle, you could see anywhere from 5% to 50% off discount. That’s why we recommend comparing home and auto insurance bundle quotes – to make sure you find the best rates possible.

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