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The student's guide to personal finance

Financial literacy early in life will pay dividends in your future. Here's Ratehub's guide to managing your money as a student.

How to budget as a student

Learning to budget as a student can be challenging at first, but we make it easy by providing a spreadsheet to track all your expenses in one place.

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All the ways you can finance your educationWorried about graduating with an enormous amount of debt? Learn more about different ways you can fund your education.
Back to school money hacksTuition, textbooks, and the occasional UberEats order adds up quickly. We've got you covered with these 6 money hacks for the back-to-school season.
5 financial to-do's for higher educationOn top of all your tests, assignments, and exams, you don't want to be worrying about money. Here's a few to-do's to stay financially stress-free throughout the semester.
5 ways to make more than you spend in universityLet's face it – college isn't cheap. Here's how you can stay financially afloat throughout the semester.


Your money as a student

As a student, managing your hard-earned money isn’t an easy task. Below, you’ll find helpful blog posts, expert opinions, and answers to your frequently asked questions about all things money. 

Expert opinion

"The reason traditional budgets don't work for so many people is because they feel restrictive. Instead of focusing on what your available money can't do, think about it in terms of what it can. For example, if you cook dinner at home three times a week, what kinds of possibilities does that cost savings open up?"

Sandra Martin

Editor-in-Chief, Moneysense

Why you need a roommate expenses tracker

Living with a roommate and unsure on how to split the costs of your rent, groceries, and utilities? We’ve got you covered with our roommate expense tracker.

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How to save money on food as a college studentFood is probably one of your top expenses as a college student. But how much should you really be paying? And how can you save?
Money-saving tips for college studentsYour education is one of the most expensive investments you’ll be making in your lifetime. Here are a few tips on how to save money as a student. 
The best money books for college graduatesAs a fresh college graduate, you’ll feel much more prepared if you’re knowledgeable in personal finance. Here’s our list of the best money books you should read.

credit cards & debt

Your credit card and debt as a student

Getting a student credit card can be a great way to build your credit which will help your future self when trying to get a car loan or a mortgage. You may even be able to earn some cashback while you’re at it. Here are a few resources to help you get started on your credit card journey and pay off your debt. 

Expert opinion

"Student credit cards can be a great tool to build credit and familiarize oneself with how credit cards work. When looking for a student card, it is important to look at the annual fee, rewards, and credit limit, making sure that the card suits your needs"

Mikael Castaldo

Business Unit Manager, Credit Cards,

Credit cards for students FAQ

Can you get a credit card under 18?

Why should I get a credit card as a student?

How do student credit cards work?

Debt for students FAQ

What is the Repayment Assistance Plan for student debt?

What is the non-repayment period for student debt?

How can I repay my student debt faster?

How to Get Out of Student Credit Card Debt

Graduating from post-secondary is definitely worth celebrating, but for many, it also comes with an enormous load of student and credit card debt to pay off.

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The 6 best student credit cards in Canada
for 2021
Looking for the best student credit card to suit all your needs? Whether you’re looking for cash back, store credit, or travel rewards, we’ve got you covered.
What should you do when student and credit card debt spiral out of control?Financing your education isn’t easy – student loans and credit card debt can add up quickly. Here’s what you should do to manage that debt when you’re struggling to keep up.
What happens to your credit score if you default on student loans? Defaulting on student loans can have a lasting impact on your credit score. So, be sure to do your research before making any big decisions that will impact your future finances. 
How to pay back OSAPAs an Ontario graduate, you may be wondering how and when you’ll need to pay back your OSAP. Here, we answer all your questions about returning student loans. 
A guide to student debtGraduating is definitely something worth celebrating, but it often also comes with a pile of student debt. Here are a few things you should prioritize when paying it off.
First-time credit cards tips for studentsApplying for your first-ever credit card? As a student knowing the ins and outs of how credit cards work and which one is right for you will be invaluable.


Your investments as a student

Investing is all about the time frame, so starting early as a student can be a financially smart decision to make. Visit our resources below to learn all about investing while you’re still in school. 

Expert opinion

"Learning how to invest your savings responsibly to make them grow should be taught in school. Too bad it’s not, because starting young as an investor and learning from your mistakes can have a great impact on your lifestyle"

Investments for students FAQ

How old do you need to be to invest?

How can I invest with little money as a student?

Should I pay off my student loans early or invest?

How should I invest my money as a student?

Growing your wealth in the stock market doesn't only take time. It also takes a fair share of research.

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How to start investing:
a beginner's guide
Which investment account should you use? What’s the difference between passive and active investing? Learning all the basics can be the hardest part of getting started, but we’ve got you covered.
How does an RESP work? (and how to make the most out of it)An RESP is a great way to finance a child's education, especially if you start early on. Here's what you should know about opening your first RESP and how to make the most out of it.
How to withdraw from a TFSAIn need of some spending cash at the moment? You can withdraw from your TFSA account at any time – here’s how.

Useful student investing resources


    TFSA Investments

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  1. Government of Canada

    TFSA Guide

visit resource
  1. Real Money Talk Podcast

    How to start investing (and why you need to)

listen on spotify


Your insurance as a student

Insurance may be the last thing on your mind while at school, but it offers peace of mind against potential risks like theft or fire from disrupting your studies. Below, we provide an expert opinion, blog posts, and useful resources about all things insurance.

Expert opinion

"As a student it can be difficult to find affordable insurance options due to lack of experience and insurance history. Despite the challenges, there are ways you could save, such as: joining your parents policies, choosing usage based insurance, and shopping the market for quotes"

Matt Hands

Director of Insurance,

Insurance for students FAQ

Do students need renters insurance?

How much is car insurance for a student?

Can students get car insurance discounts?

How to save thousands not sharing renters insurance with roommates

Living with roommates this semester? Save money and ensure your claims are hassle-free by getting your own tenants insurance.

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Tenant insurance for university students is cheaper than you thinkRenting a place for university or college? Tenant insurance can protect you from financial ruin at an affordable rate.
How to make money with a G2 licenceLooking to make a few bucks with your G2 license? Here are a few jobs you could try out (and what you need to know about working with student auto insurance).
Can I drive my parent’s car without insurance?Driving your parent’s car without your own insurance policy is usually fine, but there are a few things you need to know before taking it out for a spin.

Useful student insurance resources


    Student car insurance quotes

compare quotes

    Tenant insurance quotes

compare quotes


Your housing as a student

Looking to buy or rent your first-ever home at a young age? Being in student doesn’t rule you out of approval, so visit our resources below for more details. 

Expert opinion

"The earlier you learn how housing and mortgages work the better, and if you are able to enter the market at a younger age, you will be thankful you did"

James Laird

Co-CEO, CanWise Financial

Housing for students FAQ

Can you get a mortgage as student?

What is the first-time home buyer incentive in Canada?

Do student loans affect mortgages?

How to buy a house with a group of friends

Thinking about making a real estate investment with friends while you're young? Here's everything you should know.

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Rental bidding wars fuelled by an overheated housing marketRenting a place off-campus isn't just as easy as signing the lease anymore. Here's everything you should know about the competitve rental market.
Money-saving tips for student rentersRenting an apartment for school is undoubtedly one of your largest expenses, but we've got you covered. Here's how you can save on your student housing.
Can I get a mortgage with student loan debt?The short answer is yes, it's possible. The long answer, however, is that there are also a few other things you should know before accumulating your debt.

Useful student housing resources


    Mortgage rates

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    Mortgage payment calculator

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    Mortgage affordability calculator

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  1. Government of Canada

    Renting a home in Canada

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