Sports Car Insurance

Most car insurance policies are written for standard vehicles: those driven to and from work, to run errands and to take your kids to school in. And most cars can go fast – but not all cars were designed to go fast. Sports cars, however, were made to reach top speeds. And while they may be a thrill to drive, their ability to accelerate quickly makes them more expensive to insure.

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What is a Sports Car?

There is no one industry-wide definition of a sports car, but in general they tend to have the following attributes:

  • Two doors.
  • A lighter weight than a standard car.
  • A V8 engine or greater. What this means is that the engine is stronger than that of a typical vehicle (typically V4 or V6) so the car can accelerate quickly and reach its top speeds.

Each insurance company will have their own precise definition, so be sure to check to see if your car qualifies.

Why Do Sports Cars Require Special Insurance?

The insurance industry, in general, is concerned with one thing: risk. When a company agrees to provide car insurance, they are collecting premiums from you in exchange for promising to reimburse you should various things happen to you or your car. When setting premiums, insurance companies look at the type of the car and the likelihood that it will have any future claims.

Sports cars have a number of characteristics that make them riskier than the average vehicle:

  • They are designed for speed. This increases the chances that they could be in an accident.
  • They are lightweight. Lighter cars are not as safe as their heavier counterparts, and tend to fare worse in a collision.
  • They are more prone to theft. Because sports cars are often expensive, they are more likely to catch the eye of prospective thieves.
  • They are expensive to repair. Replacement parts are more expensive than those for the average car.
  • They are often driven by young men, which is a well-known high-risk insurance demographic. (Men, in general, pay higher insurance premiums because statistically they get in more accidents than women.)

As a result of these details and characteristics, insurance premiums are more expensive than premiums for standard everyday vehicles.

How to Save Money on Sports Car Insurance

There’s no getting around the fact that insurance for a sports car is going to be more than for a regular car. Fortunately, there are still some things you can do to save on your premiums:

  • Only use the car occasionally. This will lessen the chances that you’ll be in an accident, which reduces the insurer’s risk. Many insurance companies also offer discounts to people who insure multiple cars through them, so if you have a regular everyday vehicle as well, you may be able to get an additional discount by insuring both through the same company.
  • Install an approved anti-theft device. Because theft is one of the top risks for sports cars, addressing it might get you a cut on your insurance.
  • Add an older driver if you’re younger. Especially if you’re a young man, insurers will be leery if you are the sole driver of a sports car. Sharing the car with a more experienced driver may result in a discount on your premiums. However, note that you are not allowed to name that person as the main driver if they are not, as this is considered fraudulent.
  • Be a responsible driver. Owning a sports car and subsequently getting multiple speeding tickets or found to be at fault for a number of accident is a recipe for soaring insurance costs. The best thing to do is demonstrate over time to your insurance company that you are a good risk by being a safe driver who obeys the rules of the road.
  • Consider a higher deductible. This option applies to car insurance, in general, but it will lower your premiums if you own a sports car.

Who Offers Sports Car Insurance?

Unlike antique car insurance, which is only available through some providers, most insurance companies offer sports car insurance. When you get a quote on our site and make contact with the insurance company, triple-check they offer sports car insurance – and shop around, until you get the best car insurance rate. is not affiliated or otherwise associated with Hub International Canada.