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8-year fixed rates: Frequently asked questions

What is an 8-year fixed mortgage rate?

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A guide to 8-year fixed-rate mortgages

8-year fixed mortgage rates are not very common in Canada, but they are offered by some lenders. You won't see many posted rates on 8-year mortgages, however, as lenders tend to focus on more traditional terms like 7 and 10-year mortgages.

When would you take out an 8-year mortgage term?

If you have a very specific timeline that will see you need to end your mortgage in exactly 8 years, then there may be a justification for getting an 8-year fixed mortgage rate. However, you may be better off getting two more common mortgage terms that add up to 8, as more common mortgage terms tend to give you more choice of mortgage provider and access to better rates.

Alternatives to an 8-year fixed mortgage rate

Your best alternative to an 8-year fixed mortgage rate is either a 7-year or a 10-year fixed mortgage rate, depending on your needs and what's available in the market.

If you're specifically looking for the longest term with a fixed rate so you can maintain steady monthly payments for a long time, a 10-year fixed mortgage rate is probably the one to consider. 7-year fixed mortgage rates tend to be lower than 10-year fixed rates, but they don't lock the rate in for as long. They're a sort of compromise between price and consistency. 

Jamie David, Director of Marketing and Head of Mortgages

Jamie has 15+ years of business and marketing experience. She contributes her mortgage expertise to The Globe and Mail and authors Ratehub’s mortgage and homebuying guides. read full bio

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