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The best Canadian Tire credit cards in Canada for 2024

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Natasha Macmillan, Business Unit Director - Everyday Banking

January 12, 2024

Explore the best variety of Canadian Tire credit cards, tailored to meet your unique needs. Compare, choose, and apply today for a card that matches your purchasing habits.

Compare Canada’s best Canadian Tire credit cards

Canadian Tire credit card overview

The Triangle Mastercard from Canadian Tire is a store credit card that lets you earn rewards in the form of “CT Money” everywhere you shop.

  • 4% in CT Money whenever you shop from Canadian Tire or its handful of affiliate brands (which include Sport Chek, Mark’s/L’equipeur, and Atmosphere)
  • 1.5% in CT Money at eligible grocery stores (excluding Costco and Walmart) on the first $12,000 spent
  • 0.5% in CT Money on everything else
  • 5 cents in CT Money per litre at select Gas+
  • No annual fee or income requirements
  • Designed for loyal Canadian Tire shoppers, the Triangle Mastercard can net you some big rewards if you're a frequent visitor to the longstanding Canadian retailer. While the 4% return at Canadian Tire stores seems great, it can be a little misleading as this amount is only earned on the pre-tax amount (other credit card rewards are calculated on the total transaction amount). Therefore, the actual return is closer to ~3%, if you take an average sales tax of 13% in Canada. This return is still very good - but not necessarily the amount being advertised. 

Customers who use the card at Canadian Tire locations (or any of their affiliates - such as Mark's, Sport Check, and Party City, among others) can earn themselves 4% back in CT Money for future purchases. That'll come in handy whether you're buying supplies for a home renovation project or picking up simple household items like light bulbs and batteries.

In addition, the Triangle Mastercard can also help you save on everyday purchases like gas and groceries. Customers who fill up at select Gas+ locations can collect 5 cents per litre, and you'll get 1.5% in CT Money once you spend $12,000 at participating grocery stores (excluding Costco and Walmart). For any other purchases, you'll still get 0.5% back.

Outside of the rewards offered, the Triangle Mastercard also features additional perks, such as:

  • No-receipt returns at participating stores
  • Access to members-only store promotions and events
  • Personalized offers tailored to your spending habits

Plus, for users looking to put a larger-scale item on their card, Triangle offers no-fee, 0% interest financing through Canadian Tire Bank. Provided the item is purchased at Canadian Tire or one of their affiliate stores, customers can pay off purchases of $150 or more through equal monthly payments over a period of 24 months.


Earning CT Money

You can earn CT Money in one of two ways:

  • With a Canadian Tire Mastercard, in which case you’ll earn CT Money everywhere (including on purchases not made at Canadian Tire and its affiliates).
  • Without a Canadian Tire credit card as a basic Triangle Rewards Member, in which case you’ll earn CT Money exclusively when you shop at Canadian Tire affiliate retailers and nowhere else. Affiliate retailers include: Canadian Tire stores, Sports Chek, eligible Mark’s and Atmosphere locations, Sports Experts, Pro Hockey Life, Hockey Experts, and Gas+ stations.

Aside from affecting where you can earn CT Money, the type of Triangle Rewards Member you are will also impact how much you can earn. With a Canadian Tire credit card, you’ll earn 4% when you shop at affiliate brands as opposed to just 0.4% as a basic Triangle Rewards Member. That said, both Triangle credit card holders and basic Triangle Rewards Members can take advantage of “Triangle Bonus Days” and limited-time offers at Canadian Tire that let you rack up more CT Money on select purchases.


Other Canadian Tire credit card products and services

In addition to its three credit cards, Canadian Tire Financial Services also offers its customers no-fee financing on select purchases, as well as credit protection insurance and identity theft protection to keep you secure and make your life a bit easier in case of unforeseen events.

No fee-financing

Do you need to make a big-ticket purchase from Canadian Tire, but prefer to space out your payments over time as opposed to having to foot the bill all at once? Depending on the purchase, you could get 0% financing with a Canadian Tire credit card. Here’s how it works:

If you make a purchase that’s between $200 and $499 on an eligible product sold at Canadian Tire using a Canadian Tire credit card, you can pay for it over a 12-month period without being charged interest or fees. You’ll be required to make 12 equal payment each month, however, and if you do miss one of these 12 payments, you will be on the hook for fees and/or interest. Note: if you make an eligible purchase that’s over $499, the same rules will apply except you’ll need to make 24 equal payments over a two-year period.

This no-fee, no interest financing offer will only apply to eligible products sold at Canadian Tire, and the card’s 21.99% APR will still come into effect if you do carry a balance on your credit card for your other purchases.

Canadian Tire financial services

You can tap into Canadian Tire Financial Services and use your Canadian Tire credit card to make payments for larger bills that conventionally can’t be covered using plastic - in turn, giving you the opportunity to earn even more Canadian Tire Money.

For example, through this Service, you can pay for your property taxes using a Triangle Mastercard, which would mean you'd earn CT Money on your property tax bill. Through Canadian Tire Financial Services, you can pay for the following bills using your credit card: property taxes, hydro bills, tuition expenses, and insurance premiums. This Service is a great option for anyone who's sure they can pay their bills in full and on time. It’s important to approach this Service cautiously, because you’ll be on the hook to pay interest (19.99% APR) on any balance you accrue. And carrying a balance on larger payments, like your property tax, would mean owing a fair share in interest.

Credit protector

Credit Protector is insurance for your Canadian Tire credit card payments, in case you lose your job, become disabled or pass away. Credit Protector can pay 3% of your outstanding balance, up to $1,000 per month, if you lose your job through no fault of your own or become disabled. If you or your spouse is diagnosed with a terminal illness and/or pass away, this service will pay your outstanding balance to a maximum of $20,000. Credit Protector costs approximately $1.10 per $100, plus applicable taxes, of your current month’s outstanding balance. For example, if you have a balance of $200, you would pay $2.20 plus taxes. If you have a monthly outstanding balance of $10 or less, Credit Protector is free.

Identity theft protection

Canadian Tire offers two identity theft protection products: Identity Watch Classic and Identity Watch Elite. Both products offer credit card protection that cancels and replaces services for your lost or stolen Canadian Tire credit cards. They provide Internet Personal Information Protection, which performs online monitoring of personal information that you register and reimburse you up to $75 a year for a computer tune-up. They also offer Rebound Asset Return Service, which helps return lost items to you that have an identifying Rebound sticker on. In addition to these services, Identity Watch Elite also includes travel and protection services, including emergency cash transfer and emergency airline tickets. You are also able to register on your mobile phone, making it easier to get access to the services you need.


More on Canadian Tire Financial Services

Founded in 1922, Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd., is an iconic Canadian company comprised of retail, petroleum and financial services. There are almost 1,700 retail and gasoline outlets across Canada, making it convenient for cardholders to use their Canadian Tire credit cards to save at the gas pump and earn Canadian Tire “Money”. Canadian Tire Financial Services offers credit cards, credit protection insurance, and an identity theft protection program that helps keep their cardholders safeguarded and secured.

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Natasha Macmillan, Business Director of Everyday Banking

With over a decade of experience in the finance industry, Natasha works closely with Canada's top financial institutions - from banks to credit unions - to help's 1,200,000 monthly users get matched with the right banking products. read full bio

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