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Credit Card Delayed Baggage Insurance

Have you ever experienced the pain of arriving at your destination and found out that your bags haven’t arrived? The airline may have notified you it could be an extended period of time before your luggage arrives. Just imagine how frustrating this could be. It’s also costly! You’ll need to replace your clothes and toiletries just to make it through the couple days without your bags. These costs can add up quickly but credit card delayed baggage insurance is here to help! This insurance coverage is typically available with a travel rewards credit card.


What is delayed baggage insurance?

Delayed baggage insurance provides coverage for essential items when your checked baggage is not delivered within a set time frame. This usually includes a maximum reimbursement amount.

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What is covered under delayed baggage insurance?

Delayed baggage insurance only covers essential items. This can include anything from clothing to your basic toiletries.


What isn’t covered under delayed baggage insurance?

As with most insurance policies, delayed baggage insurance does have limitations you should be aware of when depending on your credit card. Here are some possible exclusions that may be listed in your policy:

  • Losses when returning home to your province or territory of residence
  • Expenses incurred more than 96 hours after your arrival at the final destination
  • Expenses incurred after your luggage is returned to you
  • Losses caused by or resulting from any criminal act
  • Luggage not checked
  • Luggage held, seized, quarantined, or destroyed by a customs or government agency
  • Money, securities, credit cards, negotiable instruments, tickets or documents of any nature


What is reimbursed by flight delay insurance?

The cost of all essential expenses you incur as a result of delayed baggage can be reimbursed up to a maximum amount.

How do you make a flight delay insurance claim?

You should try to notify your insurance provider immediately after the date of the delay. Some insurance policies require your provider within a certain number of days. In most cases you’ll be asked to fill out a claim form or provide details regarding the incident.

You may be required to provide any of the following:

  • A copy of the credit card charge slip
  • A copy of your account statement showing the charge to your credit card
  • Itemized receipts for actual expenses incurred for essential items
  • A written statement from the common carrier (for example, an airline) confirming:
    • The date and time of the delay
    • The date and time your checked luggage was returned to you
    • The reason or circumstances surrounding the delay
    • Any other information reasonably required by your provider


The devil is in the details

Delayed baggage insurance is a great addition to any credit card. The important things to pay attention to are the length of time your luggage must be delayed in order to receive coverage, the time period you have to make essential purchases, and the amount of coverage. Whichever credit card you choose, be sure to review the insurance policy carefully so you have a good understanding of what’s covered and where you can save money.

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