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Air Miles to Allow In-store Cash Redemptions Again

Air Miles will let customers use their Cash Miles for in-store redemptions again beginning on Wednesday.

The company temporarily suspended the use of miles on March 23 for in-store redemptions after it detected irregular activity within a small number of transactions where Cash Miles were stolen. Collectors’ personal information wasn’t compromised.

The company has implemented some new policies in an attempt to mitigate fraud risk for collectors:

  • There will be a daily cap of $50 (a maximum of 475 Cash Miles per day) for in-store redemptions across all partners per collector account per day; and
  • In-store Cash Miles redemptions will exclude gift cards and pre-paid credit cards.

“We’ve been working closely with our partners to apply solutions, which will ensure that in-store Air Miles cash transactions continue and safeguards are in place to combat fraud,” says Blair Cameron, head of the Air Miles reward program.

The company has added 30 customer care agents and will add another 30 more on Wednesday to support collectors with these changes.

Air Miles is also encouraging collectors to lock their cash account for additional protection. They can continue to collect Miles but no cash redemptions will be possible. Before making an in-store cash redemption, collectors can easily unlock their account online, or by using the Air Miles app or the automated customer care line.

The company’s anti-fraud team will continue monitoring redemption patterns to look for irregularities and suspicious activity. It has been working with retail partners, law enforcement, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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