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Aeroplan offer: Get 50% Miles back on eligible flights scheduled till Oct. 15

Note: The Aeroplan program is changing effective November 8, 2020. Click here for details about the new program and here for information about new co-branded Aeroplan credit cards.

Quite a bit has changed since March, when provinces and territories first declared state of emergency orders in response to COVID-19. Social gathering rules have been loosened, retail stores are opening their doors, and airlines are announcing new flight schedules.

It’s enough to consider: is now the time to salvage vacation plans and book travel? 

If you’re an Aeroplan credit card holder with a stash of miles, that idea has just become a whole lot more enticing. 

Aeroplan is running an aggressive promotion that effectively lets you book Air Canada flights in Canada or to the US with 50% fewer Aeroplan miles than normally required. 

The promotion means you can reap huge savings (we’re talking upwards of several hundred dollars) when booking flights with miles to virtually anywhere in the continent. It also makes flying business or even first-class more achievable than ever.

Aeroplan 50% miles back sale – the terms and details

  • You must be an Aeroplan member
  • You must make a new booking by July 1, 2020 for a flight scheduled anytime between July 1 to October 15 of this year
  • Applies to all short and long haul flights within Canada or between Canada and the US (including Hawaii). Even one-way, multi-city, and business class flights are applicable
  • Flight must be operated by Air Canada (includes Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Express, and eligible Jazz Aviation, Sky Regional Airlines, or Exploits Valley Air Services)
  • You must redeem 100% of the usual number of miles required when actually making the booking, and you’ll be credited back 50% of your miles within 3 weeks after your travel date.
  • Click here to redeem the offer

In short, you must book by July 1, travel by October 15, and must fly on Air Canada routes between Canada and the US. That’s it!

Plus, if you think you might be on the fence about flying the closer you come to the departure date, Aeroplan will let you cancel your flight and get a full miles refund (as well as taxes and surcharges refunds) until August 31, 2020 ( read more here). 

Aeroplan Fixed Miles

Below, we provide a breakdown of how many Aeroplan miles you need to redeem for flights using Aeroplan’s Fixed Points Redemption chart – which requires you to have a set number of miles to fly to a destination. 

Note, as part of Aeroplan’s 50% miles back promotion, you’ll be credited back half your miles only after your travel date. That means you’ll need the “normal miles required” when actually making your booking.

Aeroplan miles required – Roundtrip Canada/US short haul

Short-haul destinations include:

  • For Ontario: cities within Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, New York, Michigan, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and more.
  • For BC: cities within BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Oregon, and Washington.
  • For Alberta: cities within Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Oregon, and Washington.
  • For a complete list of short-haul destinations, scroll to the bottom of this page

Aeroplan miles required – Roundtrip Canada/US long haul

Long-haul destinations include: most places within Canada and the US. 

Aeroplan fixed required – Roundtrip to Hawaii

Travel during COVID-19

Safety measures and preparation

Flying in the midst of COVID-19 poses new challenges, and for their part, Air Canada has made dramatic changes with the introduction of their Air Canada ClearnCare+ program.

New procedures have been put in place from check-in to boarding to promote safe flying including: no-contact temperature checks, required face coverings, sanitization of all high-touch surfaces at airport kiosks and counters, sanitization of plane cabins after every flight with an electrostatic spray, and HEPA air filtration systems on planes. 

That said, you’ll need to take some precautions yourself.

Get tested for COVID-19 before and after your flight, always practice social distancing, and wear a protective mask when indoors (and even outdoors).

There are practical considerations you’ll want to think about too. Make sure any destination you’re flying to doesn’t have mandatory self-isolation requirements for visitors to ensure you can explore the city when you arrive, keep in the know about whether tourist spots are open, and be prepared to self isolate when you arrive back home. Also, double-check your travel insurance coverage, especially if you’re relying on travel insurance from a credit card as coverage may need to be adjusted. 

Travel deals

Aeroplan isn’t alone when it comes to offering travel deals at this time. Hotels providers like Marriott and Fairmont are offering promotions too, so do your research and try to nab deals, while also making sure any reservations you make have flexible refund policies.

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