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The best credit cards in Canada

Whether you're looking to earn more rewards or save with the lowest interest rates - we'll match you with the right cards in under 2 minutes.

Ratehub's best credit cards for August 2021


A few things we're proud of

  • 1,200,000

    monthly users

  • 9 years


  • Over 1M

    better choices made

  • Trusted partner

    to Canada’s top financial institutions

The best rewards cards for

all reward types


any annual fee
CardBest used forAnnual feeRewards

Food & transit


  • 5 pts/$1 for gas, groceries, restaurants
  • 1 pts/$1 for other

Travel perks


  • 2 pts/$1 for entertainment, groceries, restaurants, daily transit
  • 1 pts/$1 for other

Everyday spending


  • 2% all purchases

Groceries & bills


  • 4% bills, groceries
  • 2% gas, Public transit, taxis, and rideshares
  • 1% other

Credit card FAQ

Why should I compare credit cards?

How does credit card interest work?

Why do some credit cards have an annual fee?

Should I get a rewards credit card?

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Have your credit card questions answered with our education centre

Whether you're looking to earn more rewards, better perks, or manage your debt with a low interest rate, we'll match you with the best credit cards in Canada for your specific needs in under 2 minutes.

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