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How to get an online auto insurance quote in Ontario

In just a few minutes, get personalized car insurance quotes from Canada's top providers – your best rate is only a few steps away.

Your car insurance renewal came in the mail. You can opt to do nothing, and if there’s no reason your provider would cancel your insurance, it should auto-renew. Or, you can take 5 minutes (10 if you don’t know your driving history) to get an online auto insurance quote in Ontario by filling in a few fields and clicking the mouse a few times. 

Things you’ll need to get an online auto insurance quote in Ontario

Our car insurance calculator will guide you through the process. It starts by entering your postal code. 

Are you paying the best price for car insurance?

In less than five minutes, you can compare multiple car insurance quotes from Canada's top providers, free of charge.

Your postal code

Your postal code is a significant factor in the car insurance quotes you’ll receive. 

If you live in an area with high rates of theft, vandalism, or even an area where a nearby intersection has a lot of accidents, you may pay more. But it doesn’t stop there. In Brampton, car insurance is the most expensive in the country, mostly due to car insurance fraud. 

Vehicle information

Whether you drive one of the best SUVs or Ontario’s cheapest car, it doesn’t matter. You need to know the car details outlined below. 

The year, make, and model

You need to know the year your car was built, who made it, and its model. If you drive a 2019 Tesla S, it will cost significantly more to insure than a 1985 Buick Estate station wagon. Not only does it cost more to replace, but you’ll also add collision and comprehensive insurance, which you could forgo on your classic Buick. 

Do you own or lease your vehicle?

Whether you own or lease is important because if you own a vehicle, you won’t have any stipulations put on you for what kind of car insurance you can get. Whereas, if you’re leasing or financing, the lender will want to have collision and comprehensive on the policy because, well, you both own the car. 

When did you buy it and was it new or used?

If you’re not sure when you bought it, check your receipt (or search through your emails if you’re not good with paperwork). Worst case Ontario, you can check your car insurance slip in the glove box. It’ll also be on the frame of the car or the driver’s door. A used car is often cheaper to insure because the cost to replace it is more economical, especially with many newer cars packing expensive tech.

Auto insurance quote discounts in Ontario

In Ontario, most insurers offer a 3-5% discount for winter tires. If you have roadside assistance from CAA, Canadian Tire, or Costco (to name a few), your insurer may give you a discount. Finally, if you have an anti-theft device, you could receive a discount. 

Insurers tend to offer more significant discounts for “passive” devices like auto immobilizers that usually come factory installed (and was probably used as a selling feature). Immobilizers are automatic, requiring nothing from you. They disable your ignition system in three different areas, including the starter motor, the ignition switch, and the fuel pump. Only once the computer chip embedded in the key/remote opener is close, can the car start. 

Your driving activity and behaviour

Where do you park your car? It’s important because, for obvious reasons, the vehicle is safer if it’s parked in a garage rather than on the street. Some insurers will factor this into their car insurance quote calculation. If you never know where you’ll be parking, just put in where you park the most often.

Insurers want to know if you drive for pleasure, commuting, or for business. If you own a car but use transit to commute to work and only drive for errands and fun on weekends – you’re in the pleasure category. If you mainly use the car to commute to work and back, that’ll be your selection. Business use – meaning you use your vehicle for work, this could be the most wear and tear on the car, while it could increase your price, honesty is essential. Dishonesty is the fastest way to have your insurance voided. 

Insurers also want to know how many kilometres you drive in a given year, and they are wide-ranging. Calculate your commute (if you have one) and how many kilometres you might drive for errands and the occasional weekend getaway. It’s an approximation, but get as close as you can within a few thousand kilometres. 

Another car

If you have an additional vehicle, you can add it. After you’re done filling out all the information above, click to add another car and answer all the same questions as they relate to the next car. 

Your personal information

Even though the insurance follows the car, they still need to know who is driving the vehicle the most. Accidents, claims, minor tickets – all your driving history, good or bad, will play into this portion. Let’s break it down and, more importantly, why they want to know.

How age factors into your car insurance quote

They need to know your name because they need to know what it will say on the insurance slip. They need your date of birth because if you’re under 25, you’re viewed as a higher risk due to a lack of experience. If you think otherwise, ask the insurer (more on this later) about telematics. Telematics is an app or device you can use to monitor your driving behaviour – how fast you’re driving, how hard you brake, and how you handle turns. This data can be used to lower your car insurance rates if you perform well. 

How does marital status affect car insurance?

While the times are changing, historically speaking, men pay more for car insurance because they take more risks like speeding, driving without seatbelts, or drinking and driving. However, this will vary significantly for each insurance company because, again, the statistics are changing, and each provider evaluates risks in their unique way.

Marital status does affect your car insurance quotes in Ontario, but not by much. Arguably, couples are more financially stable (dual income), may take more considerable precautions (especially with children), and so may pay less.

How your job affects your car insurance

Insurers use historical statistics to calculate your online auto insurance quote in Ontario and predict claims one profession may make over another. Office workers are typically on the inexpensive end, while drivers with car-related occupations such as car sales, mechanics, or valets are at the higher end of the scale. 

How your driver’s license history affects your insurance quotes in Ontario

Do you remember when you got your g1 license? How about your g2 or G? Ontario is a graduated licensing province. You can get your g1 when you turn 16. You need a year of experience before you can take your g2 test, so you’d likely be 17. Then, there is one expedited way you can get your G in 8 months, but otherwise, you’ll get your G at 18 years of age. A fully licensed G driver will save more money on car insurance because they’ve been through the whole graduated licensing program in Ontario. 

How your driving history in Ontario affects the price you pay

The longer and cleaner the driving history, the more you’ll save. The insurer wants to know your past to see if you’ve had accidents, made claims, received tickets to understand better who you are as a driver and to know what to charge. 

Having an active policy is good for your premiums, but if you plan on switching because you found a lower price, you need to know when your existing policy expires. While you can switch mid policy, there may be fees and penalties for cancelling. 

Also, be sure to relay the new price you’re getting, and when comparing car insurance, make sure the policies are identical. You don’t want to switch only to find out you no longer have collision and comprehensive. Also, loyalty can be used to receive cheaper quotes. 

How accidents, driving convictions, or violations will affect your insurance

Accidents will stay on your record for a maximum of 10 years while driving convictions (e.g. a speeding ticket) and insurance violations (e.g. non-payment of premiums) remain on your driver abstract for three years. If you’ve had any accidents, convictions, and/or offences within the applicable periods your insurer will find out and adjust your rates appropriately, so honesty will ensure you receive the most accurate quotes. Typically any of these scenarios are memorable. If you’re unsure, you can order your Ontario driving license record online

Your car insurance policy options and add-ons

The last step in getting an online auto insurance quote in Ontario is to decide what kind of policy you want. Ontario car insurance is a private system, meaning it’s an open market, and you can buy insurance from any chosen provider. But it is still regulated by the government, and so it comes with minimums

The minimum Ontario car insurance you can buy includes third party liability, which protects you if you hit another person or their property. Within third party liability, the minimum coverage in Ontario is $200,000. 

Then, you also have to buy accident benefits that protect your health if you’re in an accident, direct compensation property damage (DCPD), which covers damage to your vehicle when someone else is at fault in Ontario. 

There is also No-Fault insurance, which, in Ontario, essentially means no matter who is at fault, you will deal with your own insurance company when it comes to claims. Finally, the minimum policy includes Uninsured Motorist – basically for dealing with situations where the other driver has no insurance and you suffered injuries. 

Common Ontario endorsements and add-ons

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you some of the big ones you may want to add to your policy. 


Collision insurance protects your car if you’re in an accident while driving. 


Comprehensive car insurance protects your car if a tree falls, causing damage, or if it’s flooded, or anything else that might happen while the vehicle is not in motion. 


This add-on is for you driving a non-owned automobile. For instance, if you want to forgo rental car insurance, you’ll want to have this as an option in your policy. 

Specific Perils 

Comprehensive insurance may not include things like earthquakes, explosions, riots, or theft. If you’re getting a BC car insurance quote, you may want to add a specific peril for earthquakes. 

Conviction protector

Got a speeding ticket? If you have this, your insurance won’t be affected. Only some insurers carry it, so understand it won’t transfer over. A new policy may reveal a ticket you thought was forgiven. A conviction free discount could be worth 10% off your policy. 

Accident forgiveness

This endorsement protects your driver rating in the event of an at-fault accident where you make a claim. You can add this to your policy before you submit a claim, so if you have to make one, there is less worry. 

Your online auto insurance quote is only a quote

The final stage of your online auto insurance quote in Ontario is physically clicking on the quote provided. Remember, this is only a quote and is the closest our online auto insurance quoter can get you. After selecting your provider, a car insurance broker will call you to review the details and offer more personalized customizations to suit your needs. The broker may include further discounts or uncover past claims and need to raise the rates. Either way, you will be sent a contract to sign to begin your new car insurance policy. If you don’t sign it, there is no new policy. 

Are you paying the best price for car insurance?

In less than five minutes, you can compare multiple car insurance quotes from Canada's top providers, free of charge.

The Bottom Line

Getting an online auto insurance quote in Ontario is a fantastic way to save on car insurance. Within minutes you can compare car insurance from your current provider to several others and decide if it’s worth the switch, all for free. Ready to get started?