0.10% Bank of Montreal
Interest Interest Depending on the term and product type, the interest on your GIC may or may not be compounded, and can be paid out in varying stages throughout the term or all at the end (when it matures).
  • Not compounded
  • Paid at maturity
Redeemable Redeemable GICs are either redeemable (also known as cashable) or non-redeemable. Non-redeemable GICs are meant to be left untouched throughout the term; in return, they typically offer higher interest rates. If you think you may need access to your money at some point throughout the term, consider a redeemable GIC.
  • RSP
Min. investment Min. investment This is the minimum amount you must invest, in order to purchase this GIC product.
Insurance Insurance Depending on how much you're investing, and who your GIC issuer is, your investment may or may not be protected by CDIC insurance. CDIC covers all GICs up to $100,000 or with terms up to 5 years. CDIC does not cover GICs worth more than that, or with longer terms, or any GIC product sold by a credit union.
CDIC insured
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