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Who is SGI?

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) was founded in 1945 as a provincial crown corporation. SGI Canada sells property and casualty insurance for homes, cars, farms, and businesses in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. SGI employs about 2,000 people and works with nearly 300 brokers across Canada.

Types of SGI home insurance

Homeowner's insurance

Condo insurance

Tenant (Renter's) insurance

Cottage insurance

Landlord insurance

How can I purchase SGI home insurance?

You can purchase insurance through one of SGI Canada’s approved insurance brokerages – an example of this would be Surex Direct. Brokerages are certified resellers of insurance products for various insurers across Canada – each brokerage will establish agreements with individual insurance companies in order to be able to offer their complement of products.

The benefit of purchasing from an insurance broker is that they have a better understanding of what’s in the market and can provide you with a less biased take on what’s available to you. The primary drawback from purchasing insurance from a broker versus going direct, as some insurers may offer, is that it may cost you a bit more than if you had chosen to purchase directly from an insurer. As always, we recommend you take the time to shop and compare insurance providers to make sure you are getting the best policy for the right price to meet your needs.

Available SGI home insurance discounts

If you’re looking for discounts on home insurance with SGI, here’s how you can save:


Monitored alarm system


Increase deductible

Mortgage free

Optional SGI home insurance coverage

SGI offers several useful additional coverage options that you can get for both your home and car. Here are some unique coverage extensions that are designed to help you customize your home insurance policy to meet your needs.

Optional home insurance coverages:

Optional Coverages Overview

For residents of BC, this can help you piece your home and its contents back together after an earthquake

Water Protection Coverage

SGI offers overland water coverage from melting snow and rising lakes and the damage they might cause to your home.

Home Sharing

SGI offers home sharing as an exception meaning for long-standing loyal customers who need it occasionally.

Identity Theft

Identity fraud comes with many hidden costs and SGI has you covered for things like lost income due to time away from work, legal fees, and enhanced protection for a credit or debit card.

Service Line

Should the underground water supply line to your house get damaged, SGI will help cover the associated costs.

Sewer Backup

Coverage for when your main drain backs up into your house as a result of overflowing city main drains or a blockage in your drain pipe.

Claim Forgiveness

A claim forgiveness option for your first submitted claim.

You can learn more about the additional coverage options that SGI has to offer here .

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