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How ATV and off-road vehicle insurance works

ATV insurance is a type of auto policy that protects you against the various risks of owning an off-road vehicle. While the minimum required coverages on an ATV policy are the same as those on a conventional car policy, you'll be able to customize a plan to fulfill all your unique needs.

Do I need ATV insurance in Ontario?

In Ontario, you’re required to insure your ATV or off-road vehicle if you want to drive it on public property or public roads. If you’re only planning to operate your vehicle on private property, coverage isn’t required, but it’s still recommended. You wouldn’t want one small mistake to put you in huge financial trouble, and having the right ATV insurance in place ensures that won’t be the case. 

Types of ATVs to insure

We can help you find the right policy for all different types of off-road vehicles, including recreational ATVs, sports ATVs, UTVs, quads, 4-wheelers, and side by sides.

What coverages are included in an Ontario ATV insurance policy?

The mandatory ATV insurance coverages in Ontario are the same as they would be for a conventional car – you’ll need the following four types of auto insurance:

Third-party liabilityThis type of insurance protects you against claims of property damage and bodily injury from a third party. Like driving a car, operating an ATV still comes with the risk of getting into an accident. And if you hurt a pedestrian or crash into your neighbour’s fence, you could be sued. Third-party liability insurance, however, can help cover the various expenses involved (e.g. legal bills, settlement fees). 

Accident benefitsAccident benefits insurance pays for the medical and rehabilitation needs you (or someone you injure) may face after an ATV collision. This includes the services that aren’t covered by the provincial health plan, such as physiotherapy. And in some cases, it can also provide income replacement while you’re unable to work due to the incident.

Uninsured motoristWhile car insurance is mandatory in Ontario, not everyone follows the rules. Uninsured motorist coverage (or uninsured auto) protects you in the event you get into an accident with a driver who doesn’t have a policy in place or flees the scene. In this case, your own insurance company can still cover you, so you won’t be everything out-of-pocket for someone else’s mistake. 

Direct compensation for property damageDirect compensation for property damage (or DCPD for short) is part of Ontario’s no-fault auto insurance system. This means you’ll only be dealing with your own ATV insurer for repair and replacement funds after a collision, even if you didn’t cause the accident. It’s meant to expedite the claims process, so you can receive your payout as soon as possible.


How much does it cost to insure an ATV?

The cost of ATV insurance can vary greatly from owner to owner – while one driver may be paying a hundred dollars each year, another could be paying upwards of a thousand. To find an exact premium for yourself, be sure to request a quote from one of our licensed brokers today.

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Factors that impact your ATV insurance online quote

  1. Age

    The younger you are, the more expensive your ATV insurance will be. Insurers like to see low-risk, experienced drivers because the probability of a claim being made is much lower.

  2. Gender

    Statistically speaking, males are more likely to get into a car accident than females – so your ATV insurance premium will reflect that, even if you’re a relatively safe driver.

  3. ATV make & model

    The more expensive your ATV, the more it’ll cost to repair or replace – increasing the cost of your coverage. Vehicles with a high horsepower rating generally also come with high premiums.

  4. Driving record

    A claims-free history shows insurers you’re a safe driver, decreasing the cost of your insurance. On the other hand, if you’ve had numerous accidents on record, don’t expect your ATV coverage to be cheap.

  5. Location

    Where you live also has an impact on your ATV insurance premium. Operating your vehicle in high-risk areas means you're more likely to make a claim which ultimately increases your bill.

  1. Usage behaviour

    The more you use your ATV, the more likely you’ll need to make a claim. Therefore, insurance premiums tend to be cheaper for policyholders that only take out their vehicle on special occasions.

  2. Storage

    Where you store your vehicle matters – you’re more prone to theft and vandalism if you park your ATV in a public location. So if you want cheap insurance, store your vehicle in a private garage instead.

  3. Coverage type

    The more types of coverage you add to your ATV policy (and the higher your policy limits), the more you’ll be paying for insurance – additional peace of mind doesn’t come without a cost.

  4. Policy deductible

    If you have collision or comprehensive coverage on your ATV, you’ll need to set a deductible. And while a higher deductible means you’ll need to pay more out-of-pocket, it can help lower your premium slightly.

How to get cheap ATV insurance rates

Compare the market – Different insurance providers have different ways of calculating your quote, so you won’t know which insurer offers the cheapest ATV rate until you look at all your options. 

Bundle insurance products – By insuring multiple vehicles (e.g. car and ATV) or multiple products (e.g. home and ATV) under the same company, you can expect a substantial discount on your premium. 

Take an approved ATV course – Graduating from an approved ATV course shows insurance companies you’re taking steps to ensure safe driving. So if you’ve completed training, ask your broker to see if you’re eligible for additional savings. 

Take proactive safety measures – Some insurance companies offer discounts for installing safety measures on your ATV. This can include anti-theft devices, such as an ignition system immobilizer. 

Get a group rate – Ask your insurance company about group rates. Oftentimes, you could be eligible for a rate reduction, simply for being a special member or alumni. 

Keep a clean driving record – Infractions on your driving record count towards your ATV insurance premium, even if you were driving a conventional car at the time. So to ensure the price of your coverage stays as low as possible, be sure to stay safe on the roads at all times. 

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