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All about Ontario snowmobile insurance

While winter riding is supposed to be a time of fun, it also comes with a lot of risks. One implication, such as theft, collision, or even a liability claim, could put you in deep finanical trouble if you don't have the right protection in place – that's where snowmobile insurance comes in.

In Ontario, snowmobile insurance works quite similarly to conventional auto insurance. Standard policies include the minimum provincial requirements, and you'll be able to customize your policy with more tailored, optional coverages. 

Is snowmobile insurance required in Ontario?

Yes, it is required in Ontario if you operate the vehicle outside of your private property – this is the case for all different types of snowmobiles, including mountain snowmobiles, touring snowmobiles, trail snowmobiles, crossover snowmobiles, and utility snowmobiles. 

Common types of snowmobile insurance in Ontario

Here, we outline the different types of snowmobile coverages in Ontario. While all insurers provide the same types of mandatory coverages, you can ask your insurance company for more details on the recommended and optional enhancements offered.

Third-party liability – This pays for liability claims involving third-party bodily injury or property damage, covering expenses such as legal fees and settlement offers.

Accident benefits – This pays for you and your families medical benefits, such as rehab, dental, and physiotherapy after a snowmobile accident.

Uninsured motorist – In the event you get into a snowmobile accident with a driver who can't be identified (or they don't have an active policy in place), your own insurer can still cover you.

Direct compensation for property damage – Also known as DCPD, this type of coverage ensures you only ever deal with your own insurance company after a collision, regardless of fault.

How much does snowmobile insurance cost in Ontario?

While insurance quotes are based on many individualized factors, snowmobile policies can range anywhere between $100 to over $1,000 each year. Be sure to get a snowmobile insurance quote with us to determine the exact rate for yourself.

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Factors that impact your snowmobile insurance quote

  1. Driver demographics

    Snowmobile insurance companies look at your individual profile – including factors such as age, gender, and location – to determine your risk level. The more risk you bring statistically, the more you'll be paying for a snowmobile policy.

  2. Snowmobile make & model

    Generally speaking, the more expensive your snowmobile is to repair or replace, the more you'll be paying to insure it. Engine size can also play a big role in the price you're paying.

  3. Driving record

    Insurers also look at previous accidents and tickets associated with your license (snowmobile and car). Having a clean history proves you're low risk to insure, making the cost of your coverage cheaper.

  4. Usage behaviour

    The more you use your snowmobile, the higher the chance something could go wrong. Therefore, if you're a frequent driver, expect to pay much higher rates than someone who only takes their snowmobile out once a year.

  1. Coverage type

    Unsurprisingly, the more types of coverages you add to your snowmobile policy, the more expensive your insurance will be. And setting a higher limit along with a lower deductible will also increase your rate.

  2. Storage

    When you aren't operating your snowmobile, you'll want to make sure you store it in a safe space. Parking your vehicle in a private garage can lead to cheaper insurance as it lowers the likelihood of theft.

  3. Applicable discounts

    Be sure to ask your insurance company for eligible discounts. Common ways to save include bundling different insurance products or successfully completing a snowmobile training course.

How to get cheap snowmobile insurance rates in Ontario

Compare the market – You won't know which insurance provider offers the cheapest rate until you look at all your available options.

Bundle insurance products – By securing all your auto, home, and snowmobile policies under one insurer, you could be elgible for big savings. 

Take a snowmobile course – Some insurers offer lower rates for drivers that graduate from an approved snowmobile course. 

Take proactive safety measures – Installing anti-theft devices and storing your vehcile in a private location can help reduce your premium.

Get a group rate – Ask your insurance company about group discounts, including savings for club members, professionals, and alumni.

Keep a clean driving record – A clean record means you're less likely to make a future claim, reducing your rate substantially. 

Get Ontario snowmobile insurance quotes today

In just a few steps, you can get customized snowmobile insurance quotes from Canada's top providers – find your lowest rate with us today.

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