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Recent New Brunswick car insurance news

Auto insurance prices in New Brunswick can differ by up to $5,000 according to a recent CBC article. In fact, some drivers in New Brunswick are facing some of the highest car insurance prices in Canada.

The provinces pricing was brought into the light by a chart based on data from a recent report shared by the Alberta government. In New Brunswick, the chart listed the median (i.e. middle) prices to be $2,187 in 2022, 75 percent higher than the lowest prices listed, which belonged to Saskatchewan's public insurance system. According to the chart, New Brunswick had the 4th highest prices in Canada.

The figures from the report are being hotly contested, as the chart appears designed to favour public systems (e.g. Saskatchewan) over private insurance systems (i.e. New Brunswick). Though there is no denying that drivers still face an uphill battle when it comes to finding cheap New Brunswick car insurance, that is why local brokers and regulators recommend a comprehensive search and comparing multiple quotes before purchasing. If you don't shop around you are likely to get stuck with a higher price than you should.

How to find cheap car insurance in New Brunswick

It is recommended that drivers review their policy, shop around and ask their insurance brokers what they can do to help reduce their rates. Comparing the market is the best way to save.

How car insurance in New Brunswick works

New Brunswick car insurance is mandatory and provided by private insurance companies and brokers. It is regulated by the Financial and Consumer Services Commission.

New Brunswick auto insurance uses a no-fault system. No-fault means you only ever deal with your own insurance company for claims, not that you can't be found at fault. 

There are 4 mandatory coverages you need for New Brunswick car insurance by law, they include:

  • Third-party liability - covers you in case you injure someone or damage their property. 
  • Accident benefits - pays for injuries you sustain in a car crash. 
  • Uninsured motorist - pays for injuries you and your family sustain following a collision with an uninsured driver. 
  • DCPD - if you're not at-fault in a collision, this pays for repairs to your car. 

To get the best car insurance in New Brunswick, you can enhance your policy with optional coverages, such as: 

  • Collision insurance - pays to repair or replace your car if you're at fault in a collision. 
  • Comprehensive insurance - protection against theft, vandalism, and inclement weather. 
  • All Perils - includes collision, comprehensive, and protection if someone you know steals your car. 
  • Specified perils - Name a specific risk, such as lightning, hail, flood, and get coverage for it. 

New Brunswick also uses standard endorsement forms (SEF) you can add-on to your policy for specific situations like:

  • SEF16 - if you want to put your car insurance on hold. 
  • SEF20 - reimburses you for alternative transportation (e.g. rental) if your vehicle is being repaired as a result of damage or theft.
  • SEF43 - Makes sure you get the full replacement value of your car back, not the depreciated value.
  • SEF44 - provides additional coverage if you or a family member are injured by another driver who does not have enough insurance to pay the injury claim.

If a high-risk driver can’t access car insurance, they can use the Facility Association. The Facility Association is funded by all insurance companies in NB and operates as the insurer of last resort. 

Historical New Brunswick car insurance rates

All car insurance rate changes are approved by the New Brunswick Insurance Board (NBIB). NBIB ensures all New Brunswick drivers’ auto insurance rates are fair and reasonable. Even though drivers in New Brunswick pay some of the lowest car insurance rates in Canada, it still makes sense to compare car insurance quotes.

Informed consumers help to keep rates competitive and as a citizen of New Brunswick, they are encouraged to shop around. Competition often leads to both better rates and service from car insurance providers.

Reforms in car insurance have led to New Brunswick’s “First Chance Discount” offering new drivers’ credit for three years of driving experience and increasing to six if the new driver successfully completed a driver education course. This action alone led to significant reductions in car insurance premiums.

Mandatory coverage for auto insurance in New Brunswick

Mandatory insurance is mostly about protecting you from damage you may cause to others and their property. Protecting you car is in optional coverages.

Third-party liability

Accident benefits

Uninsured motorist

Direct compensation for property damage (DCPD)

Optional car insurance coverage in New Brunswick

You can personalize your coverage with these common additions that protect your car.

Collision insurance

Comprehensive insurance

Emergency roadside assistance

Specified perils

All perils

Are you getting the best price for New Brunswick auto insurance?

In less than five minutes, you can compare multiple car insurance quotes from New Brunswick's top providers, for free.

How to get cheap car insurance in New Brunswick

  1. Shop and compare

    Research which company provides cheap car insurance in New Brunswick, and also the best value for you and your vehicle. Rates may change up to four times a year, but lucky for you comparing car insurance quotes with us is free.

  2. Stay with your current insurer

    Some New Brunswick car insurance companies will give loyalty discounts to drivers who remain active with them for years. Especially if they add family members or multiple vehicles to their policy.

  3. Bundle your policies

    If you use the same insurance company for both your home and auto insurance needs, your insurer will often thank you with a dip in premiums.

  4. Get a multi car discount

    If you have multiple drivers and vehicles in the same household, by putting them all on one policy can save you money.

  5. Increase your deductible

    Your deductible is the portion you pay when settling a claim before your insurer will pay the rest. If you’re willing to double your deductible, it could save you money.

  1. Ask about discounts

    If you’re a member of a large corporation, union, or a school alumnus, it could help you get cheaper New Brunswick car insurance.

  2. Pay premiums annually, instead of monthly

    Paying monthly adds administrative costs to your insurer, so if you’re able to pay in full annually you can lower your premiums.

  3. Maintain a good driving record

    If you’re a safe driver, obey the rules of the road and drive according to road conditions you can reduce your chances of an accident. Car crashes stay on your insurance record for up to ten years and can result in higher premiums.

  4. Install winter tires

    You can save up to 3-5% simply by adding winter tires to your car.

How to get a New Brunswick driver's licence

To get the cheapest car insurance in New Brunswick, take a driver's ed course while getting your licence. New Brunswick uses a graduated license program (GLP). This system requires each driver to progress through a 3-step educational program in order to be considered a fully licensed driver. Once you’ve successfully completed the program, you can legally operate a car as a class 5 driver. To drive a truck, bus, ambulance or taxi requires a different license class. Let’s take a quick look at graduated license program approach:

Class 7 learner's licence (or level one) eligibility criteria:

Class 7 licence (or level two) eligibility criteria:

Class 5 regular licence (or full license) eligibility criteria:

Find out how much you could save on your New Brunswick auto insurance.

Take a few minutes to compare New Brunswick auto insurance quotes from Canada's top insurers. Comparing the market can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

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