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How car insurance in Kitchener, Ontario works

Kitchener is a city in the region of Waterloo, Ontario. In Its beginnings, it was known as the Town of Berlin due to the high population of German Mennonite farmers. Kitchener’s streets are not laid out in a British grid pattern, but more of a radial pattern (more familiar to the early Germans). The problem with the radial pattern is you can end up with 5 lane intersections and many popular streets narrow as you get closer to the core.

The city is surrounded by highways: 7,8, and 85 and Highway 24 and the 401 so it’s easy to get in and out of the city. Once you’re inside the city, you need to be mindful of roundabouts and avoid downtown King Street altogether.

Car insurance in Kitchener, and across Ontario is a requirement for all drivers. To operate a vehicle in Kitchener, you must have insurance. To get the best car insurance in Kitchener, it's vital to understand how it works. 

Kitchener operates in a no-fault insurance system. No-fault means drivers use their own insurance company regardless of who is at-fault in an accident.  In other words, you only ever deal with your own insurance company for a claim or following an accident. 

Ontario auto insurance is provided by private insurance carriers and is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO). FSRAO ensures rate increases are substantiated. Simply put, an insurer can't raise rates without prior approval from the regulatory body and is based on their financial records. 

Available Kitchener car insurance coverage is broken down into two categories - mandatory and optional.

Mandatory Kitchener auto insurance coverage includes:

  • Third-party liability
  • Accident benefits 
  • Uninsured automobile insurance
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)

Optional Kitchener car insurance coverage includes:

  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Specified perils
  • All perils

Also available in any city in Ontario are Optional Policy Change Forms (OPCF) which are coverage enhancements. Here are 4 common Ontario endorsements. 

  • OPCF 20 - covers the cost of a rental vehicle while yours is being repaired or replaced
  • OPCF 27 - Ports your existing insurance to a rental car or car you borrow
  • OPCF 39 - Your insurer forgives your first accident claim so it doesn't impact your insurance rate
  • OPCF 43 - Removes depreciation in calculating the value of your car when settling a claim

Your postal code affects your insurance premium

Kitchener has great rates for car insurance, especially compared to cities like Brampton or Toronto. An area with high congestion creates more accidents, an area with more crime could have more thefts, even neighbourhood break-ins can drive up the cost of insurance for everyone. 

A recent revealed 1 in 5 Canadians thought your postal code did not affect your rate. Another 15% didn't know. Some insurers give more weight to your postal code than others when it comes to determining your rate, so shop around for quotes and see which one will give you the cheapest car insurance in Kitchener. 

Mandatory coverage for auto insurance in Kitchener

Mandatory insurance is mostly about protecting you from damage you may cause to others and their property. Protecting you personal car is available with optional coverages.

Third-party liability

Accident benefits

Uninsured motorist

Direct compensation property damage

Optional coverage for auto insurance in Kitchener

The below coverages are optional, unless you lease your car and your lessor requires them. Typically, new cars will get the optional coverages.

Collision insurance


Emergency roadside assistance

Specified perils

All perils

Compare Kitchener car insurance quotes for free.

In less than 5 minutes, you can compare multiple insurance quotes from Kitchener's top personal auto insurers. See how much you can save on your next policy today.

Kitchener car insurance brokers

To find a great rate on car insurance in Kitchener, one of the best ideas is to use an insurance broker. An insurance broker can find the company that will give you the best value for your dollar. Due to COVID, many brokers moved their operations online, so you don't need to use an insurance brokerage in Kitchener, but they do need to be a member of the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario. Below are some recommendations. You can also start a quote online with us, and we'll connect you to a broker after you find the company that will provide the best rate for your unique situation. 

Our insurance brokerage partners:

Factors that impact your Kitchener car insurance rates

It pays to shop around to find cheap car insurance in Kitchener. Even though an insurance application is fairly standard you will find that different insurance companies offer different rates based on their existing users, the number of active claims on their fiscal books, and overall risk tolerance calculations. Furthermore, there are several factors beyond your control that impact a risk tolerance calculation, like if you live in an area with higher than average levels of insurance fraud. Here are seven factors auto insurance companies consider before offering personal car insurance in Kitchener:

Driver demographics

Where you live

Vehicle type

Driving history

Driving activity

Type of insurance coverage

Applicable discounts

How to get cheap car insurance in Kitchener

  1. Shop and compare

    Research which company provides cheap car insurance in Kitchener, and also the best value for you and your vehicle. Rates may change up to four times a year, but lucky for you comparing Kitchener car insurance quotes with us is free.

  2. Stay with your current insurer

    Some Kitchener car insurance companies will give loyalty discounts to drivers who remain active with them for years. Especially if they add family members or multiple vehicles to their policy.

  3. Bundle your policies

    If you use the same insurance company for both your home and auto insurance needs, your insurer will often thank you with a dip in premiums.

  4. Get a multi car discount

    If you have multiple drivers and vehicles in the same household, by putting them all on one policy can save you money.

  5. Increase your deductible

    Your deductible is the portion you pay when settling a claim before your insurer will pay the rest. If you’re willing to double your deductible, it could save you money.

  1. Ask about discounts

    If you’re a member of a large corporation, union, or a school alumnus, it could help you get cheaper Kitchener car insurance.

  2. Pay premiums annually, instead of monthly

    Paying monthly adds administrative costs to your insurer, so if you’re able to pay in full annually you can lower your premiums.

  3. Maintain a good driving record

    If you’re a safe driver, obey the rules of the road and drive according to road conditions you can reduce your chances of an accident. Car crashes stay on your insurance record for up to ten years and can result in higher premiums.

  4. Install winter tires

    You can save up to 3-5% simply by adding winter tires to your car.

Ready to get a free Kitchener car insurance quote today?

By comparing quotes from Canada's top insurance companies to find your best rate can potentially save you hundreds of dollars annually.

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