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Monthly transactions by type
Monthly transactions by type
Bank account Purchase interest rate Transactions Additional fees Estimated monthly cost
0.00% Unlimited
Interac e-Transfers
$14 Open account
0.00% 25
Interac e-Transfers
$11 Open account
% Interest rate tiers
If balance is Rate
tiered interest rate
Interac e-transfers
Open account Open account


Scotiabank offers four different chequing accounts to meet various personal banking needs. Scotiabank also offers discounted monthly fees for seniors and student accounts for youths and post-secondary students. Sending Interac e-Transfers with Scotiabank accounts costs $1 per transaction, while receiving and stopping transfers are free.

Scotiabank also provides its customers the ability to earn scene points. One scene point is equivalent to $0.008-$0.0137 depending on which movie ticket type you purchase. To earn 1,000 Scene points you can spend $1,000 at Sportcheck, $3,000 in food or $100 at the Cineplex store.

Scotiabank Momentum Chequing Account

The Scotiabank Momentum Chequing Account gives you 1% cash back on your debit purchases (limited to $300 back a year) and unlimited debit transactions. You also get two free non-Scotiabank ATM withdrawals and one free teller transaction per month. Additional teller transactions are subject to a fixed fee. As Scotiabank offers cashback and SCENE rewards, look into comparing the rewards and incentives from multiple debit card providers to maximize your reward potential.

Scotia One Account

Scotiabank's Scotia One Account offers unlimited self-serve and teller transactions and the ability to earn SCENE Rewards. Since the Scotia One's debit card is a Visa debit, you are able to use the card with the “My Mobile Wallet” feature in the Scotiabank app to pay for purchases with your smartphone. You can also get the monthly fee waived if you meet the minimum daily closing balance of $3,500.

Scotiabank Basic Banking Plan

The Basic Banking Plan provides you with 25 transactions (which can be a mix of self-service or teller transactions) per month and the ability to earn SCENE rewards. Fees for non-Scotiabank ATM use, Interac e-Transfers, and additional debit and teller-assisted transactions are applicable. This account is designed for people who have moderate banking needs as you are limited to the number of transactions you can make for free.

Scotiabank Basic Banking Account

The Basic Banking Account is Scotiabank's chequing account with the lowest monthly fee and is suitable if you have minimal banking needs. The account provides you with 12 free transactions each month, with up to four being teller-assisted. You can also earn SCENE Rewards with this account. However, fees for additional debit and teller transactions, non-Scotiabank ATM use, and Interac e-Transfers are applicable to this account.