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Monthly transactions by type
Monthly transactions by type
Bank account Purchase interest rate Transactions Additional fees Estimated monthly cost
0% Unlimited
Interac e-Transfers
$5 Open account
% Interest rate tiers
If balance is Rate
tiered interest rate
Interac e-transfers
Open account Open account

ATB Financial

ATB Financial offers a wide range of chequing accounts for different banking needs. They also have accounts specifically for post-secondary students, youths and seniors. However, ATB Financial only serves residents of Alberta as it's actually an arm of the provincial government. All ATB branches and ABMs are located in Alberta. If you are not from Alberta or would like to determine the best chequing account option, compare chequing account monthly fees and features from multiple account providers.

ATB Advantage Account

The ATB Advantage Account includes unlimited transactions and Interac e-Transfers for a monthly fee. The monthly fee can be waived if the required minimum balance is met. Fees from up to 5 non-ATB ATM transactions and one withdrawal transaction in the U.S. are reimbursed monthly. The account also includes free stop payments, drafts, an interest rate bonus when opening a new 3 to 5 year non-redeemable regular RRSP and TFSA, a interest rate on personal lines of credit and the option of an ATB US Dollar MasterCard with no annual fee. Fees for non-ATB ATM use beyond the amount allocated and outside of Canada are applicable to this account.

ATB Unlimited Account

The Unlimited Account offers unlimited transactions and 10 Interac e-Transfers for a monthly fee. The monthly fee can be waived if the required minimum monthly balance is maintained. The account also includes reimbursement of up to two non-ATB ATM transaction fees per month. Additional fees for Interac e-Transfers and non-ATB ATM beyond the amount allocated are applicable to this account.

ATB Basic Account

The Basic Account provides 15 transactions per month for a low monthly fee. Transactions beyond the allocated 15 and Interac e-Transfers are charged fees per-use. Additional fees for in-branch withdrawals and transfer, cheques and electronic withdrawals and transfers are applicable. The usual non-ATB ATM use transaction fees also apply for this account.

ATB Pay As You Go Account

ATB's Pay As You Go account has no monthly fee and all transactions are pay per-use. This account is designed if you have minimal banking needs as you are charged for every transaction you complete. A monthly fee cap of $25 is in place to ensure you don't over pay, as unlimited transactions in a month can be acquired for less than $25.

ATB Freedom Account

ATB's Freedom Account is designed for individuals over the age of 59. It offers unlimited transactions, 2 free Interac e-Transfers, reimbursement for the fees of up to 2 withdrawals at non-ATB ATMs in Canada and reimbursement for the fee of 1 withdrawal in the U.S. for no monthly fee. Other features include personalized cheques, drafts and a discount on an optional safety box. Fees for non-ATB ATM use and additional outgoing Interac e-Transfers beyond the free ones allocated are additional costs to this account.

ATB Student First Account

ATB's Student First Account is a chequing account for post-secondary students. It includes unlimited transactions, 2 free Interac e-Transfers, and reimbursement of 2 non-ATB ATM withdrawals in Canada. The account also has the option of a Student MasterCard with a limit of up to $2,000 on approved credit. Additional fees for ABM use outside of Canada and additional Interac e-Transfers are applicable to this account.

ATB Generation Account

The Generation Account is ATB's chequing account for youths and children aged 19 and younger. It has no monthly fee, unlimited transactions and two free Interac e-Transfers per month. Additional fees for non-ATB ATM use in Canada and withdrawals outside of Canada are incurred with this account. This account also pays interest on the funds in the account.

ATB US Dollar Chequing Account

ATB's US Dollar Chequing Account is designed for individuals who travel frequently to the U.S., make U.S. dollar purchases and write U.S. dollar cheques. The account also includes 12 transactions per month for a monthly fee. This fee can be waived if you already have a personal chequing account with ATB. All other services beyond the allocated 12 transactions are pay per-use.