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Top 4 No Annual Fee Credit Cards in Canada

Alyssa Furtado

It’s true that the top-earning rewards credit cards all come with annual fees. However, if you’re not a “big spender”, you can still earn rewards with a no fee credit card. Whether you want to earn cash back, free merchandise or travel rewards, the options are endless. We analyzed each card on our site, to bring you a list of the best no fee credit cards in Canada.

1. SimplyCash Card from American Express

If you want a cash back credit card, look no further than the SimplyCash Card from American Express, which ranks high on our list of top cash back credit cards in Canada . As one of the newest cards in Canada, it comes with the best introductory offer of all cash back credit cards:

2. Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card [tied]

Another top no fee cash back card is the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card. While the SimplyCash offers the best introductory offer and a competitive cash back rate, the Tangerine card actually earns you more cash back rewards in subsequent years. So if you’re not a fan of churning, then this card is definitely the one for you!

3. Scotiabank SCENE Visa

If you’re a movie lover, consider the Scotiabank SCENE Visa instead:

4. BMO CashBack Mastercard

Finally, if you're a student or a newcomer to Canada, the BMO CashBack Mastercard offers no annual fee, an easy application process, and plenty of rewards.

If you currently have a credit card with an annual fee, compare it to these cards and see which one you’d get the best value from. After you deduct your annual fee, you may find you’d actually earn more rewards with one of these no fee credit cards instead.

Happy credit card comparison shopping!

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