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Top 5 Home Insurance Stories of 2016

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, insurance coverage helps protect you from a long list of unexpected disasters. This year,’s blog ramped up our coverage and wrote about dozens of home insurance-related issues to help Canadians become better informed about their coverage options and their rights and responsibilities.

Here are our most popular home insurance stories from 2016:

#5.Condo Insurance: What It Does and Doesn’t Cover
As a condo unit owner, it’s critical to understand the difference between the commercial condo policy purchased by the condo corporation, the personal condo insurance purchased by you, and what their restrictions and protections are.

#4.How Much Condo Insurance Do You Really Need?
So you’ve bought a condo—congratulations! Before buying personal condo insurance, read this overview of the coverage you can expect in certain situations and a few extras you may have forgotten about.

#3.4 Times It’s Better Not to Make a Home Insurance Claim
What’s the point of having insurance if you shouldn’t file a claim? As it turns out, there are situations where it may be cheaper in the long run to bite the bullet and pay for the damage yourself.

#2.Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Me if I Rent My Apartment on Airbnb?
If you’re considering joining the sharing economy but don’t own your home, apartment, or condo, read this piece by a staffer who’s also an Airbnb host on whether your renter’s insurance will cover guest-related mishaps.

#1.6 Things Home Insurance Won’t Cover
An all-risk home insurance policy is the most comprehensive type of coverage, but there are several notable exclusions. This doesn’t diminish their likelihood of happening—you might need to buy additional coverage.