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The average cost of home insurance in BC

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Homeownership comes with a range of responsibilities, and one of the most important tasks is protecting your property with the right coverage. As a homeowner in British Columbia, you may be wondering about the cost of insurance – so let's explore the average rates province-wide and break it all down by city. 

Key takeaways on BC home insurance costs

  1. According to data from users, the average cost of home insurance in BC for 2024 is $2,709.

  2. There are many factors that contribute to your home insurance quote in BC. Generally speaking, the more risk you and your property bring, the more it’ll cost you for coverage.

  3. While insurers are the ones that quote you, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you’re paying the best price possible – this includes bundling coverage products and shopping the market across British Columbia.

How much is home insurance in BC?

According to users who requested and compared BC home insurance quotes online, the average rate across the province for 2024 is currently $2,709. Keep in mind that these numbers only account for homeowners insurance rates – this does not factor in the cost of condo insurance or tenant insurance.

The Applied Rating Index report claims an astonishing increase of 18.3% year over year when looking at Q1 2024 vs. Q1 2023 for BC personal property insurance rates.

The average cost of home insurance in BC by city

We dove into our user data in order to provide you with a breakdown of the average cost of home insurance in 8 popular British Columbia cities in 2024 (January through June).


Open for the average home insurance rates in BC by city

Out of these 8 British Columbia cities, residents in Burnaby saw the cheapest average home insurance rate at $1,999. Residents in Kelowna saw the highest average ($4,694) which comes as no surprise as the area continues to face high risks from climate change. The most populated city, Vancouver, stayed in between at an average cost of $2,328 per year.

Is home insurance mandatory in BC?

Home insurance in BC (as well as the rest of Canada) is not mandatory by law – it’s up to you to decide whether you want to protect yourself from all the financial risks of owning a property. The one caveat is that if you have a mortgage, most lenders (if not all) will require you to have a home insurance policy to protect their investment. 

If you don’t have a mortgage, it’s still highly recommended that you purchase home insurance as the cost to repair or replace a home is not a cheap expense. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, and the last thing you want is for your financial security to be jeopardized by an unexpected event, such as a fire, flood, or break-in. 

More homeownership insights from our BC users

Below are a few more key statistics we gathered from our users in British Columbia who compared home insurance quotes with us in 2024:

  • $1,075,849

    Average replacement cost

    in BC (2024)

  • 51 years old

    Average age of homeowner

    in BC (2024)

  • 69%

    Have at least one mortgage

    in BC (2024)

Factors that impact your home insurance in BC

Generally speaking, the more risk associated with your property, the more expensive your premium will be in BC – here are a few factors that home insurance companies consider when calculating your quote:

Location – When it comes to home insurance, your home address matters. Areas in British Columbia that are prone to natural disasters (e.g. flood, fire, storms) lead to higher rates. Plus, areas with high crime statistics can also impact your rate negatively.

Home replacement value – Your home’s replacement value isn’t the same number as its market value. Instead, this is how much it’ll cost to replace the property in its entirety if need be. For obvious reasons, the higher the replacement value, the more expensive your coverage becomes. The best policies in BC include guaranteed replacement cost protection; this helps ensure your home is covered even after inflation (or other factors) increase the cost to repair your home.

Property characteristics – Your home’s age, construction materials, and roofing condition all have an impact on the price of your insurance. Older homes with older materials lead to more risk – and in turn, higher premiums. Having an increase in square footage also means you’ll need to pay more to protect it all.

Property usageVacation properties cost more to insure than primary homes due to the added risk of vacancy. And if you’re looking for landlord insurance or short-term rental property insurance (e.g. for Airbnb), you may also need to get a specialized policy for a higher price – plus, consider asking your tenant to get BC renters insurance. Running business operations within your home can also increase your premium if you opt for a home-based business insurance endorsement.

Security & safety features – Insurers value proactive homeowners who bring less risk, so having safety measures in place can help lower your premium. This includes fire alarms, burglar alarms, and water leak detectors. Upgrading your electrical and plumbing systems is also a sign of safe home ownership, contributing to cheaper rates.

Coverage types & amounts – Having more coverages on your BC home insurance policy (e.g. flood insurance endorsements) undoubtedly leads to higher rates, as the added protection doesn't come without an added cost. This is also the case for increasing your coverage limits, such as for third-party liability and contents insurance.

Looking for the best BC home insurance quotes?

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How to get cheaper home insurance in British Columbia

While insurance companies are the ones that calculate your rate, there are still a few steps you can take to help lower your cost of coverage in BC. This includes the following:

Bundle insurance products – Insurance companies value customer loyalty, so if you get your auto and home insurance (or any other combination of P&C insurance products, such as condo insurance, boat insurance, or motorcycle insurance) from one provider, you can earn a substantial discount.

Allow for a credit check – Soft credit checks don’t impact your score negatively. Opting in for one (and having good credit, of course) can help show insurers you’re financially responsible which helps lower your home insurance rate.

Compare home insurance quotes – Above all, comparing BC home insurance quotes is one of the best ways to save. Insurers all quote differently (and they’re constantly adjusting their rating factors), so you won’t know which one offers the lowest price until you shop the market. With, we make it easy to do so – you can find your best option in less than five minutes.

The bottom line

Users who compared BC home insurance quotes on saw an average rate of $2,423. While these quotes are just an average price, you could be entitled to a cheaper rate. Insurers quote each homeowner differently based on individualized risk factors, so in order to uncover your cheapest premium, you need to shop the market. As always, we recommend starting your online journey by comparing quotes with us!

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