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Air Miles Raises Daily Cap for In-store Cash Redemptions

Air Miles has increased the daily cap for in-store Cash Miles redemptions to $100—up from $50.

The cap for in-store redemptions at Shell will be $60 per transaction. However, you still won’t be able to redeem your miles for gift cards and pre-paid credit cards.

The company has also announced several enhancements in its digital capabilities and dedicated fraud detection processes, including:

  • The Air Miles app has been updated with a mandatory PIN when signing in and the ability to lock and unlock Air Miles cash balances directly from the app; and
  • Enhancements to Air Miles website, including the requirement for a PIN as well as entering a captcha code to view your account balance.

On March 23, the company temporarily suspended the use of miles for in-store redemptions after detecting irregular activity and transactions where Cash Miles were stolen. On April 5, it allowed in-store Cash Miles redemptions again.

“We feel confident that the enhancements we’ve made to our digital capabilities and our dedicated fraud detection processes will provide increased security for collectors and collector accounts, ensuring they are able to get and use their Cash Miles safely,” says Blair Cameron, president of the Air Miles reward program.

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