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John Ross prides himself on providing a seamless client experience and keeping his clients relaxed and informed. The Canadian mortgage market can be a complex place - John Ross uses his extensive experience as a mortgage specialist and breadth of market knowledge to go above and beyond for his clients, making their mortgage transactions easy and stress-free. A Graduate of Western University, he enjoys any activity that allows his competitive nature to shine through. With John Ross in your corner, you are guaranteed a personal and detail-oriented approach that will put your mind at ease.

  • Ben
    14 avril 2021

    John is a nice guy with consideration.

  • Ben
    14 avril 2021

    John is a nice guy with consideration.

  • Marc
    18 janvier 2021

    I actually have Rachel but she's no on the list.

  • Martin S Schneider
    15 décembre 2020

    A little slow but right on the mark

  • Lori Lemieux
    12 décembre 2020

    I was contacted within 24 hrs. This was truly unexpected and appreciated.

  • Michael Louie
    12 décembre 2020

    John was very friendly, and provided useful information to me over the phone.

  • Richard
    8 décembre 2020


  • Troy Nixon
    28 novembre 2020

    John was awesome to deal with. All my interactions were super professional.

  • Amr Farghali
    25 novembre 2020

    Very clear message and straight to the point. Thanks for the advice.

  • Elizabeth Malaran
    23 novembre 2020

    John Ross Hill called me on Monday and gave me an introduction about his company and what he does and what I can expect. He was easy to deal with and informative.

  • Hailey Wang
    20 novembre 2020

    Professional and helpful

  • Randy Booth
    20 novembre 2020

    Extremely professional and pleasant personality. Prompt, helpful and provided valuable advice I would be confident to provide referrals

  • Ilya
    11 novembre 2020

    Super easy to use and good rates

  • Gianrita Celotti
    31 octobre 2020

    Very controls and replied in a timely manner. Unable to help as the property for which I required the mortgage is in the name of a company

  • Lindsay Fleming
    30 octobre 2020

    Very easy

  • Sean
    28 octobre 2020

    responsive, easy to understand, polite..

  • Ed Eskandari
    23 octobre 2020

    This agent was not helpful at all

  • Hardeep Gill
    20 octobre 2020

    Very punctual, and on the ball.

  • Kevin Mason
    18 octobre 2020

    Very professional and courteous, I wasn’t up for renewal exactly, I’m 6 months out, so he arranged to cal back in 2 months. Very non pushy and straight to the point. I look forward to hearing from him in a couple of months.

  • Thomas Brown
    18 octobre 2020

    too push and forward

  • Michelle
    12 octobre 2020

    Very quick in responding. Professional and informative

  • Kathryn Logan
    11 octobre 2020

    Friendly, time conscious and no pressure. Great service.

  • Mark Hill
    2 octobre 2020

    Very polite, respectful and professional

  • Preet Pall
    2 octobre 2020

    Great follow up. Easy to work with. Not pushy.

  • Manousos Kouridakis
    13 septembre 2020


  • Shawn Edwards
    5 septembre 2020

    Great response time and information on mortgages.

  • Ravikiran Vadlamudi
    5 septembre 2020

    Great advice and help

  • Reby B
    27 août 2020

    Very prompt with his email responses. It's like we are on a live chat. Very informative as well.

  • Alexander A.
    25 août 2020

    Pleasant to talk with and explained details well

  • Meagan Goudreault
    23 août 2020

    Gave 4 stars instead of 5, only because we haven't finished dealing with our mortgage needs. Up til now, the service has been great, curteous, straight forward, answered our questions thoroughly, and is not wasting our time. - so far so good. Still have to lock in a rate and do the paperwork.

  • Leanne Smith
    23 août 2020

    Great service

  • Vikramaditya Yadav
    18 août 2020

    Very helpful and professional

  • Crystal Mcbean
    15 août 2020

    Helpful and respectful. Made me feel like I could contact his again when I'm ready to actually buy my first home

  • Paul Doub
    1 août 2020


  • Michel Lamy
    31 juillet 2020

    Very prompt. Thank you.

  • Ravindra
    29 juillet 2020

    Mr. John Ross was too good! To the point, very respectful of my time. Did see my information I sent ahead of time and did the necessary ground work even before our first call. Promptly, followed up with questions and clarifications. Kept me informed of the progress.

  • Tanya Hudson
    28 juillet 2020

    Very persistent, also very professional and polite.

  • Curtis A. Marcyniuk
    24 juillet 2020

    Quick response to emails and phone call

  • Dylan Pickard
    23 juillet 2020

    Agent was helpful. Number given to me in email and voicemail were different numbers, both numbers I got hung up on. Only complaint.

  • Jason D Lybbert
    23 juillet 2020

    Friendly and informative

  • Haytham Alhaj
    22 juillet 2020

    I appreciate you for your help and you were very motivating and I thank you.

  • Guy Alexander Cooper
    22 juillet 2020

    Good rate.

  • Jonathan Dieleman
    8 juillet 2020

    Great help and explained well

  • Cam Shott
    6 juillet 2020

    Pleasant, informative and explained the options thoroughly

  • Ruth
    5 juillet 2020

    John has been professional and understanding of my situation.

  • Engel Soliva
    28 juin 2020

    Persistent and proactive with inquiries.

  • Kyung Sook Kim
    20 juin 2020


  • William Duch
    28 mai 2020

    Very informative and helpful.

  • Alex Grebenyuk
    28 mai 2020

    So far so helpful

  • Kristyn Pelland
    25 mai 2020

    John Ross has been very helpful and responsive to all our questions and had been committed to finding us the best rate with a product that meets all our needs .

  • Travis
    25 mai 2020

    Excellent to deal with!

  • Jaspreet
    14 mai 2020

    He was really helpful

  • Erin Miller
    10 mai 2020

    John was prompt and friendly. Each lender I've dealt with is different so sometimes it can be tricky to make sure all the "duck are in a row" but John was responsive to questions.

  • Robert Hurford
    7 mai 2020

    Still waiting to hear what I am approved for. Other than that agent was very easy to work with. He explained all avenues we can go down. Very professional and polite. I would recommend him.

  • Rebecca
    6 mai 2020

    Got in touch right away. Explained how he could match with me with my needs and started the process right away! Professional with excellent service!

  • Sebastian Hincapie
    1 mai 2020

    Excellent and very efficient

  • Stephanie Anne Berkhout
    1 mai 2020

    John was very affable, realistic, and kind!

  • Yves Freypons
    22 avril 2020

    Quick and thoughtful. John talked to me about my mortgage needs as a person not just a number. Very knowledgable. A+

  • Peter
    31 mars 2020

    Quick, responsive and understanding.

  • Travis Brooks
    26 mars 2020


  • Maria
    26 mars 2020

    I received great information and advice from John. He was courteous professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you John, Maria

  • K.
    24 mars 2020

    Excellent and immediate service

  • Rob
    19 mars 2020

    John was very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Josh Patton
    18 mars 2020

    Helpful, even thoug I didn’t renew with him

  • Dr Paul Fenje Jr
    14 mars 2020

    prompt, courteous, informed

  • Anh Ho
    13 mars 2020

    Great customer service, gave detailed explanation

  • Dickson Cheung
    12 mars 2020

    Excellent services provided, timely response, good client services

  • Laura Sware
    11 mars 2020

    John was prompt in replying to my inquiry, polite, knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Melissa Bell
    10 mars 2020

    Communication with John Ross Hill is prompt and informative. Although all interactions with him are online he is efficient with his and my time and has been pleasant to work with so far!

  • Daniel Driver
    6 mars 2020

    Good communication

  • Cheryl Cotterill
    5 mars 2020

    Friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and very quick pre approval!

  • Jason
    2 mars 2020

    Very prompt in contacting me to see if I have any questions

  • Jeremy
    29 février 2020


  • Amir
    29 février 2020


  • Dale Kapeluck
    28 février 2020

    Seemed knowledgeable and attentive

  • Alice
    28 février 2020

    Reply very promptly!

  • Toby Orrick
    27 février 2020

    Excellent service, advised me on the best way to approach my lending needs.

  • Darlene Fitzpatrick
    15 février 2020

    John was very thorough explaining rates and what needed to be done with our mortgage

  • Anatoliy Nevedyuk
    14 février 2020

    Great working attitude. Quick response. Easy to deal with.

  • Michael Fisette
    11 février 2020

    John is a shaker and a mover. Gets it done, all business

  • Donelly Clement
    5 février 2020

    he provided an amazing service and i understood everything he was explaining to me

  • Charisma A Hawkins
    18 janvier 2020

    connected to me right away

  • Danyang Yang
    14 janvier 2020

    very timely service

  • Megan Leis
    11 janvier 2020

    Very knowledgeable and pleasant to speak too- answered all our questions without any hesitation and seemed very honest.

  • Emily Nash
    22 décembre 2019

    Very easy and accommodating

  • Valerie Coe
    12 décembre 2019

    I couldn't transfer my mortgage in the end, but John was extremely pleasant to deal with an eased my frustration of not being able to move anything around. Thanks!

  • Chris Topping
    30 novembre 2019

    John was all business which is what I wanted. He did not try to sell me anything but rather listened to our needs and suggested a mortgage that checked all the boxes..

  • Frederik
    28 novembre 2019

    Excellent communication

  • David Howard
    17 novembre 2019

    Very knowledgeable and thorough

  • Gabrielle Doucette
    12 novembre 2019

    Very persistent in getting in touch with me.

  • Leigh Grant
    16 octobre 2019

    very professional, seems very knowledgable in his position and bares good intentions for the customer first perspective

  • Andrew Boan
    11 octobre 2019

    John is very helpful and informative

  • Ken Asselstine
    9 octobre 2019

    Was not helpful in understanding what i was after

  • Elisha Williams
    25 septembre 2019

    Excellent customer service

  • Dong
    16 septembre 2019

    Great service and expert knowledge

  • Joseph Woytowich
    6 septembre 2019

    Very professional and prompt.

  • Fahong Li
    20 août 2019


  • Davin Shikaze
    18 août 2019

    Very friendly and helpful

  • Cathy Wieland
    17 août 2019

    Very pleasant and professional to deal with.

  • Jeff Hahn
    6 août 2019

    Thanks for the info

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