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Jeroen has over 7 years of experience in the mortgage industry. He began his career in 2012 with the Bank of Montreal where he held various roles including personal lending specialist as well as Senior Banker at the BMO Toronto main office. He has a passion for building lasting relationships with his clients and prides himself on providing sound financial advice that is in the best interest of the customer.

  • Steven
    27 décembre 2020

    Very kind and promptly contacted me

  • Steven
    27 décembre 2020

    Very kind and promptly contacted me

  • Spencer Gall
    10 décembre 2020

    Followed up but Im just not interested

  • Lloydr
    7 décembre 2020

    very good agent

  • Alisha Mullings
    20 novembre 2020

    Received an email from him, but ended up pursuing a different option.

  • Jordana Strigberger
    4 novembre 2020

    Jeroen was thorough and explained the company and the offering in a clear way. He was not pushy but did make reasonable efforts to follow up with the process.

  • Ben
    2 novembre 2020

    Jeroen went the extra mile to contact me and arrange a phone call in an earlier time zone. He's well spoken, pleasant to work with, and patiently explained things.

  • Chris
    25 octobre 2020

    Quick to contact.

  • Edward Hicks
    20 octobre 2020

    Timely callbacks

  • Jorge Beyoglonian
    12 octobre 2020

    good advice

  • Hans
    2 octobre 2020

    Thorough, patient and informative.

  • Tadd
    28 septembre 2020


  • Janice Buie
    15 septembre 2020

    Jeroen responded quickly with an email asking me for a good time to call. I also replied quickly with a time for the next day and added this to my email: "I should let you know that I am asking for my daughter, not myself". As you know there are many options for mortgages out there and I am helping her do the research. I subsequently did not receive a call from Jeroen. I could assume it was b/c I was honest re: who the info was for - but I would have appreciated a call stating that.

  • Qadim
    9 septembre 2020

    Great customer service and providing useful information.

  • Laith
    31 août 2020

    Great agent; however, was not able to help due to specific circumstances.

  • Sherry Punak-murphyh
    18 août 2020

    Very friendly, knowledgeable and patient.

  • Alissa Care
    2 août 2020

    Both my partner and I are looking for financing to finance the building of our dream home. We both have credit of 800 (each) and income of 200g between. Jeroen did not show initiative at all to find a solution. Was not listening what client was saying. My partner is managing director of a corporation and also has been gainfully employed. At sound of word “corporation” J lost any interest and basically shut us down. There was a lack of initiative and knowledge.

  • Saara Jafari
    30 juillet 2020

    Limited in options but agent was good.

  • Ezzo Dagher
    28 juillet 2020

    Great communications skill and follow up, excellent customers service polite and holds your interest in high regard,

  • Mark Jones
    19 juillet 2020

    Great to talk to!

  • Rebecca
    15 juillet 2020

    knowledgeable, transparent, polite and professional.

  • Biagio Palazzolo
    12 juillet 2020

    responded promptly and very professionally

  • Shayne Gallagher
    9 juillet 2020

    Jeroen was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions clearly, and provided excellent information.

  • Ebenezer Nketia
    8 juillet 2020

    Very active on the job.

  • Karen Li
    4 juillet 2020

    Joreon is very responsive and professional.

  • James Macleod
    28 juin 2020

    Very knowledgeable!

  • Mostapha Maksoud
    24 juin 2020

    Great follow up. No pressure. Very informative and polite.

  • Darryl Buckley
    29 mai 2020

    Jeroen was great to deal with. He worked with us to get a super rate. He did everything quickly and correctly with attention to detail. Something many other mortgage brokers have failed at or done poorly in the past for us. We have already given out his name as a referral for several people we know who will be looking to finance in the near future. Also the Ratehub website was simple and efficient to use. I'd like to compliment your very useful tool. Thank you so much.

  • Craig Bassano
    29 avril 2020

    Helpful service and advise

  • Gary Berwick
    29 avril 2020

    Responded right away. Great follow up. Very informative

  • Lindsay Baker
    27 avril 2020

    Super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Emma
    2 avril 2020

    very personable on the phone - was comfortable with him right away.

  • Dave
    27 mars 2020

    Extremely polite, knowledgeable and helpful. For circumstances out of his control , I did not go with his mortgage but he was a gentleman throughout the process

  • Richard Thomas
    19 mars 2020

    never got back me

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