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National Bank

National Bank offers numerous chequing account packages and offers specialized accounts for youths, students, seniors and newcomers to Canada. To find the chequing account that best suits your needs, compare account offerings from National Bank with other chequing account providers.

National Bank AccessPlus Chequing Account

The AccessPlus account offers unlimited electronic transactions and zero branch transactions. This account is for someone who is looking for a digital banking solution as there are fees for teller transactions and Interac e-Transfers.

National Bank Virtuoso Chequing Account

The Virtuoso package provides unlimited transactions (electronic and in-branch) for no additional fee. Additionally, the monthly fee can be waived if the minimal monthly balance required is met. Overdraft protection is included in this account but a fee is still incurred for sending an Interac e-Transfer. Additionally, you can receive a discount on other National Bank products and services and you have the option to have an integrated line of credit.

National Bank Direct Access Chequing Account

The Direct Access account includes 22 electronic transactions and zero branch transactions per month. The monthly fee can be waived if you meet the required minimum monthly balance (the minimum monthly balance is lower than that of Virtuoso's due to the account's limited features). Additional charges are incurred for both overdraft protection and Interac e-Transfers with this account.

National Bank Accessible Chequing Account

The Accessible account provides you with ten electronic transactions and two branch transactions per month all for a fixed monthly fee. This account is designed for people who make a limited number of transactions. Fees are incurred for transactions above the amount allocated, overdraft protection and Interac e-Transfers.

National Chequing Account With No Package

National Bank also offers you the ability to have a chequing account with no package. Instead you pay for whatever services you use that month. This is designed for individuals who make very few transactions as you are billed on a per transaction basis. The monthly fee for this account is zero if you make no transactions and increases relative to the number of transactions conducted.

National Bank Youth Chequing Accounts

If the chequing account is for a youth (under the age of 18), National Bank offers three options depending on the age of the account holder. All three chequing accounts come with unlimited electronic and branch transactions with no account handling fees or monthly fees. The only difference between all the account offerings are the age requirements, as all have access to the same services.

  • The First Step account is for youths up to 6 years of age.
  • The CoolCash account is for youths 7 to 12 years of age.
  • The i.d. account is for youths aged 13 to 17.

National Bank ClickStudent Chequing Account

If you are a full-time post secondary student aged 18 to 24, you are eligible for National Bank's ClickStudent chequing account. This account features unlimited electronic transactions for a low fixed monthly fee. Additional fees for branch transactions, Interac e-Transfers and overdraft protection are applicable. Since overdraft protection is credit, this is one way students can help build their credit history and positively impact their credit score.

National Bank Perspective Chequing Account

The Perspective Account is National Bank's chequing account for seniors. It includes 22 transactions per month, of which two can be branch transactions, for a monthly fee. Additional fees for Interac e-Transfers and overdraft protection still apply. This account differs from the general chequing account option as it comes with a paper statement for free. This is usually an additional charge for all other accounts.

New to Canada?

If you are new to Canada, National Bank offers you a chequing account with unlimited transactions (both branch and electronic) at no monthly fee for the first 12 months. Additional fees for both Interac e-Transfers and overdraft protection are applicable for this account.