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Top 5 Personal Finance Stories of 2017

It’s been a banner year for personal finance on the blog — it was a goal of ours to step up our game and produce more original stories to help Canadians save money, educate themselves, and meet their goals. Here are five of our most popular personal finance stories from 2017:

#1.15 Canadian Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow in 2017
If you’re looking for inspiration and advice to meet your goals, check out some of the best personal finance bloggers from across the country. We’ll be publishing our 2018 list in January.

#2.5 Tips to Help Lower Your Grocery Bill 
Spending on restaurants, fast food, and delivery can seriously drain your wallet. Learn how to reboot your meal-planning and shopping habits to save money, make your week a little less stressful, and help quell your pizza habit.

#3.5 Reasons Why You Can’t Save Money
It’s not your daily latte, but here are five bad habits you might be guilty of that are jeopardizing your financial future. If you want to own a home or have a comfortable retirement, it’s time to shape up.

#4.15 Ways to Save Money Without Living a Bummer Lifestyle
Super-savers are newsmakers, but here’s a more laissez-faire approach to saving for people who don’t want to cut their own hair or live in their grandma’s basement.

#5.4 Ways to Save Money on Gasoline
“It’s one of those monthly expenses that’s a complete necessity, but also seems like a complete waste of money.” Practical tips to track prices, reward your gasoline spending, and save money by reducing consumption and tweaking your driving habits.

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