The Best RRSP-eligible GICs in Canada

Craig Sebastiano
by Craig Sebastiano February 10, 2017 / No Comments

RRSP season is here and you may be considering investing in a GIC. If you want one that’s also RRSP-eligible, a number of financial institutions offer competitive interest rates.


Rates on registered GICs currently vary between 0.85% and 2.05%. If you’re looking for the best GIC rates, these are the rates on both redeemable and non-redeemable GICs (on a minimum $5,000 investment for a one-year term) as of Feb. 3:

Financial institution Interest rate
Hubert Financial 2.05%
Comtech Credit Union 1.75%
Entegra Credit Union 1.75%
Oaken Financial 1.75%
Steinbach Credit Union 1.75%
Canadian Direct Financial 1.55%
Alterna Bank 1.5%
FirstOntario Credit Union 1.5%
ICICI Bank of Canada 1.35%
PC Financial 1.25%
Tangerine 1.2%
Manulife 1.15%
National Bank 0.9%
RBC Royal Bank 0.9%
BMO Bank of Montreal 0.85%
HSBC 0.85%
Laurentian Bank 0.85%
Scotiabank 0.85%
TD Canada Trust 0.85%

You’ll notice that smaller financial institutions offer significantly better rates than their larger counterparts. Also, GIC rates are often higher than high-interest savings accounts because your money is locked in for a certain period of time.

The bottom line

As RRSP season comes to a close, you’re probably looking at different investment options for your money. A GIC is considered to be a fixed-income investment and can help diversify your portfolio if you invest mainly in stocks. If you want a GIC that pays a higher rate, make sure you shop around for the best rate.

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