• Financial writers get really excited in January. Like, really excited. Why? Because it’s RRSP season! For two beautiful months in summer, Canadians from coast to coast drag their jet skis out of the garage, dust them … Read More

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    Having a budget is a great way to reach your financial goals. But a budget will only work if you can stick to it and it’s realistic. The key components of a household budget are after-tax … Read More

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    If you’re like me, you sometimes fantasize about retirement. Long days spent sipping caesars on the front porch, playing backgammon with your retired buddies, heckling the morning commuters as they set off on yet another day … Read More

  • April
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    Isn’t it too soon? Haven’t we spent enough time thinking about tax season?  Why do we have to talk about RRSPs now? That’s supposed to be a January/February thing, isn’t it?

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    More than nine million Canadians have already filed their tax returns, according to recent statistics from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). As of April 2, the average refund amount per tax return was $1,620. While many people … Read More

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    When you mention RRSPs, most people think of them as the place to stash their retirement savings. But that’s just one of their many uses.