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Financial Literacy Month Roundup

Financial Literacy Month is nearly over but that doesn’t mean you should never stop learning.

Here are a few articles from our blog this month that can help you improve your financial literacy:

How to Create a Budget
Having a budget can help you manage your money better. A budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. What it does do is keep your spending in check and allows you to create a savings plan.

What’s a Savings Account?
If you’re looking to put some money away for a future purchase such as a vacation, down payment, or a special occasion you may consider depositing your money in a savings account.

What’s a Mortgage?
A mortgage is a loan used in the purchase of a home. The key characteristics of a mortgage include the down payment, mortgage rate, amortization period, and payment frequency.

Investing Lingo 101
The path towards investing can seem a distant prospect for many. In preparation for when that time comes, brush up on some of the basic investing terminology that can help get you started down the right path.

What is a Credit Score?
Your credit score is more than just a three-digit number because it has an impact on your financial future.

What are Robo-advisors?
Online investment managers, known as robo-advisors, have grown in popularity over the past couple of years because they provide investors with a professionally managed portfolio at a lower cost than mutual funds.

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