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15 Canadian Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow in 2018

The new year has arrived. For some, 2018 is a welcome break from 2017, and for others it’s a chance to continue good things started last year. Either way, every new year is a fantastic opportunity to review your financial goals. As a bonus, if you’re looking for encouragement on your financial journey (or just some information on how to get started) we’ve got you covered. There are several great Canadian personal finance bloggers that can help you.

These bloggers rarely started as financial experts themselves. They share their stories about financial challenges, and provide you with inspiring tales about they’ve moved beyond those beginnings to save $1 million, pay off large amounts of debt, or learn how to invest. Here are 15 personal finance bloggers you should follow this year.

Big Cajun Man (Facebook | Twitter)
Alan Whitton, in his alter ego as Big Cajun Man, has been writing about finance, RESPs, and a whole lot more for over a decade.
What you should read: Pension Income Splitting and Three Investment Credo from the Past

Canadian Couch Potato (Twitter)
If you’re new to passive investing, you’ll hear the name “Canadian Couch Potato” quite a bit. Dan Bortolotti gives you information about how to build a low-fee portfolio using index funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs).
What you should read: Model Portfolio Update for 2017 and Bond Basics 1: Why Bond Prices Fall When Rates Rise

Dividend Earner(Twitter)
This Vancouver-based blogger left his financial advisor and set out on his own to build a portfolio of dividend stocks that could fund his retirement income.
What you should read: The Wealth Triangle Guide and What is a DRIP?

Half Banked (Facebook | Twitter)
Desirae Odjick is a millennial personal finance blogger. She writes about her efforts to try to save half of her income (and having a bit of fun while doing so).
What you should read: “Everyone Does It” Isn’t a Financial Plan and Five Ways to Learn About Money for Free (Without Leaving The House)

Jessica Moorhouse (Facebook | Twitter)
Jessica Moorhouse hosts the Mo’ Money Podcast and is a millennial personal finance expert.
What you should read: Why It Might Be Time to Switch Credit Cards and Why Staying at a Job You Hate is Financially Unhealthy

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Maple Money (Facebook | Twitter)
Rebranded from the Canadian Finance Blog, Maple Money was started by Tom Drake. His blog’s mission is to help Canadians create a map to find their own financial freedom.
What you should read: Is Your Portfolio Truly Diverse? and How Long Will It Take to Double My Money? The Rule of 72

Million Dollar Journey (Facebook | Twitter)
Having reached his goal of having a net worth of $1 million, this blogger has moved on his next goal = generating enough passive income to pay for his family’s recurring expenses. In addition, he hosts several other writers who are themselves aiming for a net worth of $1 million.
What you should read: Why We Took the Commuted Value of our Defined Benefit Pension and 8 Key Sources of Income During Retirement

Money After Graduation (Facebook | Twitter)
Bridget Casey has an MBA in Finance and is helping young professionals learn what they need to know about debt, investing, and maximizing their salary in a challenging world.
What you should read: Letting Go of Financial Regrets and Who Needs an RRSP?

Money We Have (Facebook | Twitter)
Barry Choi, a contributor (and, as of January 2018, a staffer), provides tips on personal finance, travel, and the trials of being a new parent.
What you should read: 19 Tips For Travelling With A Baby For The First Time and Budgeting For The First Time

My Alternate Life (Facebook | Twitter)
Jordann Brown started blogging so that she could chronicle her journey out of debt, and now writes about how she passed $100,000 in net worth on her route to financial independence.
What you should read: How deposit insurance gave me the confidence to bank online and Here’s what a $100,000 net worth looks like

My Own Advisor (Facebook | Twitter)
Mark Seed is passionate about investing. He created My Own Advisor as a place to chronicle his journey to financial independence with a one million dollar portfolio – and to help show other Canadians a path to financial freedom.
What you should read: How I built my dividend portfolio…and how you can too and Is Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) right for you?

Retire Happy (Facebook | Twitter)
Jim Yih, a veteran of the financial industry, and his team of personal finance experts write about investing, retirement, and a number of other important topics for Canadians.
What you should read: Key things you need to know about Robo-Advisors and How do you know when it’s the right time to retire?

Canadian Budget Binder (Facebook | Twitter)
Mr. CBB (and occasionally Mrs. CBB) discuss life, food, and everything surrounding the world of personal finance.  They believe anyone can use a budget to get control of their financial future.
What you should read: How To Create a Results Driven 2018 Personal Budget Plan and How Tracking Expenses For One Week Can Change Your Life

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