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Term Lowest Fixed Rate Lowest Variable Rate
1-Year 2.69%
3-Year 2.39% 2.45%
5-Year 2.14% 1.85%
10-Year 3.09%
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New Brunswick charges a land transfer tax based on the property value of the home as follows:

Land Transfer Tax Rates
On the property value 0.25%

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Mortgage default insurance or CMHC insurance is required in Canada for down payments of less than 20%.

Down payment (% of home)
5%-9.99% 10%-14.99% 15-19.99% 20% or higher
CMHC insurance premium 2.75% 2.00% 1.75% 0.00%

Additional criteria as of July 9th, 2012:

  • The maximum amortization available on an insured mortgage (less than 20% down) is 25 years.
  • Homes sold for more than $1,000,000 do not qualify for CMHC insurance and, therefore, require a down payment of at least 20%.

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New Brunswick First Time Home Buyer Freebies

  • First time home buyer Tax Credit

    Get $750 dollars back on your personal tax return.

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  • RRSP Home buyers Plan

    Access up to $25,000 from
    your RRSP tax-free.

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