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Saskatchewan Land Transfer Tax Calculator

When you a buy a house or condo in Saskatchewan you are subject to land transfer tax on closing. Use’s calculator to determine your land transfer tax or view Saskatchewan’s current rates below.'s land transfer tax calculator

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Determining your land transfer tax









Land transfer tax


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Guide to Saskatchewan land transfer tax

Land transfer tax rates in Saskatchewan1

Saskatchewan does not charge land transfer taxes as do many other provinces. However, there are fees associated with registering your legal documents. These fees are significantly smaller than land transfer taxes and are often arranged and paid for by your real estate lawyer.

Purchase price of property Land title transfer fee First-time home buyer rebate
$0 to $525.00 $0 There is no land transfer tax rebate in Saskatchewan.
$525.00 to $8,800.00 $25.97
$8,800.01 and greater 0.30% of the value of the property's value


Saskatchewan land title transfer fee calculation example:

Let’s assume you are purchasing a house worth $200,000.

  • $200,000 purchase price
    ÷ 0.30% tax rate 
    = $600 land title transfer fee

References and notes

  1. Source:, Information Services Corporation (ISC), 'Land Titles Fees'

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