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Manitoba Land Transfer Tax Calculator

When you a buy a house or condo in Manitoba you are subject to land transfer tax on closing. Use’s calculator to determine your land transfer tax or view Manitoba’s current rates below.'s land transfer tax calculator

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Determining your land transfer tax









Land transfer tax


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A guide to Manitoba land transfer tax

Land transfer tax rates in Manitoba1

As with most of Canada's provinces, Manitoba charges a land transfer tax on all property transactions (the only provinces that don't charge a land transfer tax are Alberta and Saskatchewan). There's also a $70 registration fee payable on all transactions. This tax is due at the time of purchase and will need to be paid in cash. As a result, Manitoba land transfer taxes are often one of the largest closing costs homebuyers need to pay.

Current Manitoba Land Transfer Tax Rates

As with land transfer taxes in other provinces, Manitoba charges a marginal tax, with the rate increasing with the property purchase price.

Purchase price of home Marginal tax rate First-time home buyer rebate
First $30,000 0.0% There is no land transfer tax rebate in Manitoba.
$30,001 - $90,000 0.5%
$90,001 - $150,000 1.0%
$150,001 - $200,000 1.5%
Over $200,000 2.0%


Manitoba first-time home buyer rebate

Unlike some other provinces, Manitoba does not offer a rebate of land transfer taxes for first-time homebuyers. There are, however, several first time home buyer programs available at the federal level that would-be homeowners in Manitoba can take advantage of.

Example Manitoba land transfer tax calculation

One of the best ways to understand the impact of Manitoba land transfer tax is by looking at an example. Let's assume you're purchasing a home worth $200,000:

  • ( $90,000 upper marginal tax bracket - $30,000 lower marginal tax bracket )
    × 0.5% marginal tax rate 
    = $300 land transfer tax

  • ( $150,000 upper marginal tax bracket - $90,000 lower marginal tax bracket )
    × 1.0%
    marginal tax rate
    = $600 land transfer tax

  • ( $200,000 upper marginal tax bracket - $150,000 lower marginal tax bracket )
    × 1.5% marginal tax rate
    = $750 land transfer tax

  • ( $300 + $600 + $750 ) land transfer taxes from above
    + $70 registration fee*
    = $1,720 total land transfer tax

    *In Manitoba, there is always a $70 registration fee.


References and notes

  1. Source, Government of Manitoba, 'Land Transfer Tax'

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