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Discover what Intact insurance has to offer by comparing Intact auto insurance quotes against Canada's top insurers in under 5 minutes.

About the Intact Insurance Company

Intact Insurance, formerly ING Canada, is the largest provider of P&C insurance in Canada. Headquartered in Toronto, Intact insurance offers coverage for cars, houses, condos, motorcycles, ATVs, and the list goes on.

With over 16,000 employees, they insure more than five million individuals and businesses.

Members of Intact Financial Corporation include Intact Insurance, belairdirect, BrokerLink, and OneBeacon.

In 2013, Intact insurance launched their myDrive usage-based insurance program that tracks driving behaviour to help drivers earn 25% off their car insurance premiums. In July 2018, Intact Insurance announced a $3 million investment in autonomous vehicles with startup company Voyage.

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Intact car insurance

Intact Insurance is the largest provider of P&C insurance in Canada. They offer competitive & comprehensive rates for the standard auto market.

Optional Coverages Overview
Temporary vehicle replacement

It gives you a rental car in case your car is stolen, in for repair, or you’re waiting on a new one after an accident.

Conviction Protector

Prevents premium increases from occurring due to demerit points from minor convictions.

Accident Forgiveness

Guarantees your rates won’t increase, even if you were involved in an at-fault accident.


If you’re driving for Uber or Lyft, you need to have ride-sharing coverage from a company that provides it. The Intact insurance company is one such provider who can help with Uber insurance. 

Car Sharing

If you rent your car for others to use through an app like Turo, Intact can cover you.

Telematics App

Intact offers a “my Driving Discount”. It’s an app you use to track your driving behaviours, habits, and distance travelled. You can save money by being a safe driver.


Protects your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident


Protect your vehicle against damage not cause by a collision – these include theft vandalism and falling objects.

All Perils

You can choose coverage against a specific peril like theft, natural disasters, and riots or you can cover yourself for all perils.

You can learn more about the additional coverage options that Intact Insurance has to offer here .

Get an Intact car insurance quote

In under five minutes, compare personalized car insurance quotes online from Canada's top providers, for free.

Intact home insurance

Intact offers many additional coverage options that you can get to protect your home. Here are some unique coverage extensions that are designed to help you customize your home insurance policy to meet your needs.

Optional Coverages Overview

For residents of BC, this can help you piece your home and its contents back together after an earthquake

Overland Water

Intact offers comprehensive overland water coverage both from melting snow, rising lakes and sewer backup.

Home Sharing

For property owners who share their homes through a rental network like AirBnB or VRBO.

Identity Theft

Identity fraud comes with many hidden costs and Intact has you covered for things like lost income due to time away from work, legal fees, and enhanced protection for a credit or debit card.

Service Line

As a homeowner, you may not be aware of your responsibility for the underground utilities (sewer, water supply, electrical, etc.) that run to your house. This helps cover your portion of the service line should something happen.

Sewer Backup

Coverage for when your main drain backs up into your house as a result of overflowing city main drains or a blockage in your drain pipe.

Claim Forgiveness

A claim forgiveness option for your first submitted claim.

You can learn more about the additional coverage options that Intact has to offer here .

Get an Intact home insurance quote

In less than 5 minutes, compare home insurance quotes online from Canada's top providers, for free.


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