Allstate Car Insurance

One of the largest insurance companies in the world, Allstate has been operating in Canada since 1953. With over 1,700 agents and employees nationwide, it offers both home insurance and car insurance to Canadians in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta.


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Allstate sells the following standard car insurance policies:

  • Third-party liability coverage: Third-party liability protects you if you are responsible for causing someone’s injury or death in a car accident. It also protects you against legal claims if you damage another person’s property with your car. A minimum amount of liability coverage is mandatory in all provinces across Canada.
  • Accident benefits: This covers you from having to pay for the cost of medical and rehabilitation expenses incurred as a result of an accident. It also covers attendant care and provides a lost income benefit if the injured person is unable to work. Funeral expenses are reimbursed if an insured party is killed in a collision. This coverage is mandatory in all provinces except Quebec, where it’s automatically provided to all residents by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

Optional Allstate Car Insurance Policies

On top of the standard car insurance policies listed above, Allstate also sells the following insurance policies:

  • Collision: This covers the cost of repairs to an insured vehicle that has been damaged, either in an accident with another car or a collision with an object. Collision pays for repairs up to the actual value of the car, minus the deductible. (Note that the “actual value” takes depreciation into account.)
  • Comprehensive: Whereas collision covers the cost of repairs as a result of damages from an accident on the road, comprehensive covers the cost of repairs to other physical damage that could be caused by fire, wind, vandalism or theft.
  • Specified perils: This protects you against risks that are specifically named in the insurance policy, such as flooding or lightning. Perils are often unique to the province you live in, as each one faces different environmental risks.
  • All perils: Allstate refers to this as their most complete coverage. It combines both collision and comprehensive.
  • Loss-of-use: With this coverage, Allstate reimburses you for the cost of alternate transportation in the event that your car is being repaired or replaced due to an insured risk (collision, comprehensive or one of the specified perils). Transportation covered includes taxis, public transportation and rental cars.
  • Damage to non-owned vehicles: If you damage a car that is not yours, such as a rental car or a friend’s car, this covers you against claims made.
  • Waiver of depreciation: If your car is less than 36 months old, you’re eligible for this coverage. In the event the vehicle has to be replaced due to an insured risk, Allstate does not take depreciation into account when compensating you for the cost a new car.
  • Claim forgiveness: This endorsement keeps your premium from increasing as the result of a claim.
  • Disappearing deductible: As long as you don’t make any claims, your deductible will decrease every time you renew your policy.

Allstate Car Insurance Discounts Available

Most car insurance companies offer different ways for drivers to save money on their premiums, and Allstate is no different. Allstate’s discounts include:

  • Take Two Advantage: If you insure both your home and vehicle through Allstate, you can save money on each.
  • Multi-Vehicle: Available if you have multiple cars insured with Allstate.
  • Elite Driver: You can save money on your premiums if you have a clean driving record and at least 12 years of driving experience (Quebec excluded).
  • Renewal: This discount applies if you’ve been an Allstate customer for at least three years when you renew your insurance (Quebec and Alberta excluded).
  • Occupational: Only offered to Quebec drivers, you may be able to save money depending on your profession.
  • Group Rates: If your company or association qualifies for Allstate’s “Good Hands Group Insurance” program, you also may be eligible to save.
  • Retiree: Only available to Ontarians, this rewards drivers aged 65 and up.
  • Anti-Theft: You can save money if you’ve installed an approved anti-theft device on your car (Quebec only).
  • New Vehicle: Offered to Quebec drivers, this discount applies if you’ve purchased a car within the last three years.

More About Allstate Car Insurance

As we mentioned above, Allstate car insurance is available Canadians in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Alberta. Enter your location and car information into our widget and find out if Intact can offer you one of the best car insurance rates in Canada. is not affiliated or otherwise associated with Hub International Canada.