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Samantha Zaychuk


Samantha Zaychuk

Agent Hypothécaire

Téléphone: 403-306-0511 poste 3137

Courriel: [email protected]

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À propos de Samantha

Samantha has over 10 years of customer service experience which helps her understand that every client has different needs. Combine that with her mortgage experience and you get an agent that finds the best rates and products for each individual client. Getting a mortgage is a big financial decision, Sam makes the process swift and easy.


5 | 4 commentaires

08 déc. 2023

Samantha Zaychuk helped ensure that the mortgage approval process was relatively simple and straightforward, which definitely helped ease the stress related to a significant financial decision. We are happily settling into our new home and appreciated the assistance she provided in making this happen! - Colleen Mazurat

06 nov. 2023

The ratehub team was amazing, couldn't have asked for more from my mortgage broker or bank. The welcome call from Canwise was a really personal touch that you don't normally get from your bank. - Jessica Zaychuk

24 oct. 2023

Samantha zaychuk helped me throughout the process and helped in getting everything sorted , would recommend her services - avikaran sidhu

19 sept. 2023

Had the pleasure of working with Samantha Z. She got me the best rate around. The folks at ratehub are salaried not commission based, so its additional piece of mind to know that they are not putting commission ahead of your rate. In terms of the actual process, it was completely painless. Everything was handled after a phone call or two with Samantha outlining what i was looking for. Wholeheartedly recommend Samantha with Ratehub.- Ali Arshad