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Rod has over 17 years of industry experience that he brings to the Ratehub.ca team. That history has created an instrumental understanding of lending fundamentals and how lenders view mortgage applications. This in turn helps give you the quickest possible turnaround time to ensure the mortgage process is smooth and seamless. Rod provides guidance and works hard for his clients to ensure they have the greatest experience whether it’s your first time buying a home or a seasoned investor planning to expand your real estate portfolio. He sees being a mortgage agent as an opportunity to help people find the best financing for their needs.

  • Justin
    7 janvier 2021

    Very easy to communicate with

  • Justin
    7 janvier 2021

    Very easy to communicate with

  • Sean Taylor
    16 décembre 2020

    Hitesh Babbar (not in drop-down). He is very prompt and polite, although asked questions on things I already provided.

  • Sarah Strong
    15 décembre 2020

    My meeting was with Milko Stanekovic but he's not on the list!

  • Kerry-ann Brown
    9 décembre 2020

    Great service

  • Min Zhao
    8 décembre 2020

    sorry I didn't ask his name when he called ...

  • Cory Robertson
    3 décembre 2020

    Very professional and knowledgeable. Excellent experience.

  • Maria
    30 novembre 2020

    Fahad Izhar is the agent

  • Naamane Bousdira
    28 novembre 2020

    Helpful agent.

  • Leonardo Di Giovine
    13 novembre 2020

    i was able too find out important information

  • Mervin
    11 novembre 2020

    The agent is very polite and easy to talk to email back very quick and answer all my question very satified well recommend 5stars

  • Simon Bryant
    1 novembre 2020

    Didn't choose to take out a mortgage, but service 100%

  • Tabassum Fatima
    29 octobre 2020

    Very good services

  • Jesse Lougheed
    23 octobre 2020

    Rodney contacted us right away. Very nice and professional.

  • Peter Shields
    17 octobre 2020

    I didn't use them though

  • Krishna Aryal
    16 octobre 2020

    He knows that how to explain the costumer how all things work. And it was a great time talking with rodney.

  • Will Bates
    14 octobre 2020

    I inquired about a posted mortgage rate and Cathy Bowes reached out to provide additional information within 24 hours

  • John Hieb
    10 octobre 2020

    Cathy Bowes is my contact at this time and she is not listed. She call right away and we chatted. My current mortgage is due in feb and I am just seeing what else is out there.

  • Stephanie
    10 octobre 2020


  • Ashton
    7 octobre 2020

    They called right away with a quote

  • Forrest
    6 octobre 2020

    Rod is professional and personable over at CanWise

  • Adil Ahmad
    5 octobre 2020

    He was informative

  • Barb
    28 septembre 2020

    Sp edgy and thorough feedback! Anticipated all questions !

  • Nate Troesch
    23 septembre 2020

    Got in touch right away

  • Amandeep Singh
    20 septembre 2020

    good service, excellent advise and recommendations

  • Sheryl Rich
    20 septembre 2020

    Just started the process. Seems ok. But..I require a small mortgage and your webpage said that you offered this. The mortgage broker says 65000 is hard to get a mortgage for.

  • Marco Dalumpines
    17 septembre 2020


  • Jeff Laskoski
    17 septembre 2020

    Speedy professional service

  • Ernie Last
    16 septembre 2020

    Excellent response time, website could use some cleaning up and streamlining. Aside from that, not bad, could also use wider diversity of mortgage rates without favouring their own company Canwise.

  • Vinod
    10 septembre 2020


  • Shivam
    1 septembre 2020


  • Amanda Baraager
    20 août 2020

    He is good

  • Chris
    17 août 2020

    Couldn’t really help me at this point

  • Cory Ingram
    15 août 2020

    He was present and helpful!

  • Wenifreda Seabrook
    14 août 2020

    The mortgage broker responded to our email in a timely manner,but did not clarify with what saw in your page re 1.9% offered by scotiabank and came back to us with a higher rate.

  • Ahmed Koka
    9 août 2020

    Great service

  • Lukas Glaspell
    5 août 2020


  • Brent Smith
    3 août 2020

    Didn't offer the best rate at the start. Made a better offer after I told them I was going elsewhere.

  • Ismail
    3 août 2020


  • Lucy Wang
    30 juillet 2020

    great service

  • Mike Millar
    26 juillet 2020

    No idea who i spoke too so i just picked the first name in the dropbox

  • James Scott
    22 juillet 2020

    Got us a great rate on our mortgage renewal!

  • Kateryna Misko
    15 juillet 2020

    Аgent : Sean L

  • Naomi Howie
    8 juillet 2020

    He seemed friendly and was considerate.

  • Laurie Cobler
    5 juillet 2020

    I dont remember the name of the person who called but he was very helpful

  • James Clow
    1 juillet 2020

    good experience

  • Amarjit
    30 juin 2020

    explain clearly

  • Alykhan Rehmat
    25 juin 2020

    Great job explaining things

  • Gil
    22 juin 2020

    Nothing remarkable to mention.

  • Darin M. Bicknell
    22 juin 2020

    Yup ok.

  • Morgan Elliott
    18 juin 2020

    Was nice enough to realise that it wasn't in my best interest to break current Mortgage and told me so

  • Andrew Harper
    31 mai 2020


  • Daniel Dunajsky
    28 mai 2020

    All is good, we are happy with service we have received.

  • Jocelyne
    25 mai 2020

    quick responsive and non pressure, there to help.

  • Lance
    14 mai 2020

    Rod was very helpful and didnt waste alot of my time. Gave me great info on helping me make a more informed choice. I still havent made a descion but im keeping Rod in the loop with questions. Thanks

  • Edgar Badecao
    12 mai 2020

    The agent is communicating with me consistently. He still helping me with my questions, and that is a big help for me as a first time home buyer.

  • Kofi Equagoo
    12 mai 2020

    The best

  • Jenn
    12 mai 2020

    No one ever reached out

  • Sachinkumar Shah
    6 mai 2020

    Rod was able to work on my approval request promptly and was able to resolve all the questions I have. He was a pleasure to work with.

  • James Robert Ferguson
    29 avril 2020

    Don't actually have an agent...

  • Tan
    27 avril 2020

    great service

  • Betty Sparacino
    25 avril 2020

    Very professional and knowledgeable.

  • Hikmat
    25 avril 2020

    Best deal

  • Hamid Esmaeili
    25 avril 2020


  • Eyakme
    19 avril 2020


  • Viktor Gredzhev
    8 avril 2020

    Fast response

  • Judgeland Nesbeth
    29 mars 2020

    I appreciate the quick response , considering the crisis At hand. I would certainly like to get a video viewing of the house so me and my wife could see a live setting of the house.

  • Nathan Maubert
    24 mars 2020

    Quick response. Honest information

  • Darryl Combres
    24 mars 2020

    cannot remember agents name, so picked first one in list.The agent was very helpful and clear. I will be calling back in 4 years.

  • Karen Middleton
    21 mars 2020

    Very helpful and patient.

  • Kyle Baker
    15 mars 2020

    Quick, efficient, knowledgeable and easy to deal with

  • Leea Calinescu
    11 mars 2020

    the rate showing did not apply to me, which made no sense because i was able to get that rate with someone else. i dont remember who called me

  • Carol Burkholder
    1 mars 2020

    Not really sure that was the name of the agent

  • Vic Chatelaine
    29 février 2020

    Not sure of agent’s name but polite in giving me unwanted news. Must be remortgaging more than $130,000 or you’re not worth it. Or maybe the commission is not worth it. In any case he was polite in telling me this.

  • Tianming Zhuang
    13 février 2020

    I was with Steve Hwang but his name is not an option as an Agent in this form. We simply decided to go with Tangerine because of perceived ease of refinancing after our 5 year term. Service was great; keep up the good work!

  • Wendy
    9 février 2020

    Polite and knowledgeable

  • Robert Herfst
    7 février 2020

    Very polite. Responsive. Professional.

  • Bob Holowaychuk
    5 février 2020

    Provided excellent communication to set us pmortgage renewal

  • Manoj
    31 janvier 2020

    Quick response. Detailed info

  • Robin Spacil
    26 janvier 2020

    Let me know that a $25000 mortgage could not be done and to check with a local bank.

  • Murray Moffatt
    21 janvier 2020

    excellent communications. Helpful and honest

  • Odalis Colmenares
    18 janvier 2020

    He has answered all our questions and concern in short time

  • Milton Hodgins
    11 janvier 2020

    No response

  • Julie Brunias
    4 janvier 2020

    Nobody contacted me I just picked the first name in the list to validate this survey, but nobody contacted me

  • Jon Ripley
    28 décembre 2019

    Nobody contacted me. Rodney was picked in the drop down menu completely at random.

  • Jennifer Dellezay
    26 décembre 2019

    Quick reply. Answered all my questions. Able to communicate via email. Would recommend Canwise.

  • Yevgeniy Romanenko
    20 décembre 2019

    Very friendly and has made the process simple and understandable.

  • Ian Edgar
    17 décembre 2019

    Too long delay

  • Law
    13 décembre 2019

    Good Service

  • Catherine Monahan
    13 décembre 2019

    Cant get enough star bucks

  • Pankaj Pankaj
    13 décembre 2019

    He answered all my queries and he was awesome

  • Stephan
    11 décembre 2019

    Good communication.

  • Robert Steffen
    7 décembre 2019

    Very good.

  • Michael Bennett
    7 décembre 2019

    answered my questions

  • Elntin
    30 novembre 2019

    Very good thanks

  • Thida Bok
    26 novembre 2019

    He's so quick contact us.

  • David Robinson
    18 novembre 2019


  • Nauman
    5 novembre 2019

    He was really great, he understood my situation and is working on it, hopefully will get back to me soon once he’s done with my file

  • Richel
    3 novembre 2019

    Very helpful

  • Dervon Parchment
    29 octobre 2019

    Knowledgeable. And professional in conduct. Gave me all the information I needed to decide on a solution for our mortgage needs

  • Rod
    24 octobre 2019

    really pleasant and informative

  • Sophia Lee
    16 octobre 2019

    He was good

  • Sheila Ogilvie
    7 septembre 2019

    Rodney was extremely helpful, he gave me great advice that I am moving forward with to prepare for my mortgage application. I'll be back to arrange that with him in the very near future. Thanks Rodney, we'll be talking soon :)

  • Amy
    25 août 2019

    The agent broker is good and quick to respond, very knowledgeable and very willing to help according to what the clients need.

  • Arslan Rana
    25 août 2019

    Response was quick and detailed options

  • Scott MacDonald
    23 août 2019

    Responded to my inquiry very quickly, followed up the next day. Very good

  • Sabine Vantooren
    22 août 2019

    I advised Rod that I'm not on my email often and requested a phone call if he is sending me something that required my attention. I didn't get a phone call from Rod on the 16th when he sent the mortgage application and just happened to go on my email on August 21. The application had a deadline of August 24. I managed to get the documents in, but that never would have happened if I hadn't by chance checked my email. Not everybody is attached to the internet 24/7.

  • Robbyn Spriggs
    21 août 2019

    I haven’t used a broker before and I was surprised how quick efficient and knowledgeable he was. Thanks Rod

  • Kristi Bosch
    21 août 2019

    Very good

  • Kelly Hipkin
    20 août 2019

    We are currently refinancing our mortgage. Rod has answered all our questions and is patient while I collect the needed information to move forward. Very impressed so far.

  • Steve Adams
    7 août 2019

    Very informative. Gave us a lot to think about.

  • Torban Peterson
    2 août 2019


  • Adrien Bourgault
    22 juillet 2019

    He was friendly, quick, and helpful. He didn't waste any time.

  • Andrea Westaway
    19 juillet 2019

    Rod was able to find a great rate for us and had been both patient and communicative a we gather the required documents sporadically due to our busy schedule.

  • Leeann Dopson
    17 juillet 2019

    Limited contact. Needed to follow up with him on the status and to seek updates. As a first time home buyer it would be nice for explanations on the whole process. How was the preapproval amount determined? Next steps etc?

  • Laura Mcvey
    17 juillet 2019

    I did not end up getting a mortgage but I had a good interaction with Rod who was very helpful

  • Amarjit Jhinjar
    15 juillet 2019

    Rates are high.

  • William T Bast
    13 juillet 2019

    excellent service

  • Ebenezer Samson
    6 juillet 2019

    Not yet received his call still waiting

  • Brad Haasdyk
    4 juillet 2019

    Gave me the information he was required to give me. Not his fault that I didn’t like what he had to say

  • Michel Gabrario
    4 juillet 2019

    it s long distance charge no 800 numbers

  • Todd Mcintyre
    3 juillet 2019

    Very responsive.

  • Dom Dow
    18 juin 2019

    Rod has been very professional in our emails and our phone conversations

  • Mark Drohomirecki
    17 juin 2019

    Promptly contacted me and gave me a date that I can early renew my mortgage. Will deal with him in the future

  • Lalita
    9 juin 2019

    He called me and spoke about mortgage and also send a email . Followed up . Nicely spoken. Good customer service. Thanks

  • Steve Golberg
    1 juin 2019

    Diligent. Solid. Transparent.

  • Zheng Lu
    21 mai 2019

    Professional and straight to the point

  • Eva
    3 mai 2019

    Quick response on all of my inquiries.

  • Marie Anne Fontanilla
    2 mai 2019

    I ask more info but he didn’t provide the info I ask. I gave the info he ask.

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