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Johnathon started his mortgage career with BMO working as a Mobile Mortgage and Renewal Specialist in 2014. He was able to excel at both driving new business and retaining business with BMO. He was recognized as a top performer and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has a passion to help guide his clients to the right solution while making the process seamless.

  • 11 décembre 2020

    Good service

  • Baljeet Sahni
    10 décembre 2020

    Very honest and did not try to sell me something that I did not need. I mentioned a rate that was offered elsewhere and he said it was a good rate and that I should take it.

  • Mike Hansen
    4 décembre 2020

    Super easy to deal with, great customer service and friendly. Knowledgeable and to the point. Thank you

  • Travis Sedley
    3 décembre 2020


  • Mike
    24 novembre 2020

    Fast friendly service. Prompt response to my emailed questions.

  • Darren Cardarelli
    11 novembre 2020

    Was able to get me a an amazing rate

  • Desmond Tam
    10 novembre 2020

    Good concise information given.

  • Aline Bennett
    10 novembre 2020

    Knowledgeable, personable and professional.

  • Dr Hyder
    2 novembre 2020

    I liked the way Jonathan responded me with most of my mortgage questions to clarify. I would like to bring over my mortgage with him if rates keep getting down and I get a better deal. Currently, rate fell to 1.29%

  • Ives Leung
    27 octobre 2020

    Provided insights and clear explanation on what each of the terms mean on the webpage.

  • Vincent
    24 octobre 2020

    Extremely efficient and friendly, any inquiry gets response within a day at time in hours.

  • Mj
    13 octobre 2020

    Hi there, Johnathon was very helpful. I'm still working on him as I haven't provided my paperworks yet. I'm looking forward working for him once I have all the documents he was asking for. Thanks

  • Rob Fisher
    7 octobre 2020

    He was prompt and well informed - but his company was unable to help purchase a vacant lot in Stewart, BC

  • Thomas
    5 octobre 2020

    Johnathon was great to talk with.

  • Verginia Zuidema
    2 octobre 2020

    Friendly, professional and knowledgeable

  • Selena
    1 octobre 2020

    Professional and helpful

  • Erin Eady
    7 septembre 2020

    "Agent Glover" is very pleasant and helpful and responds to all calls/emails/questions promptly.

  • Ken Jones
    27 août 2020

    Jonathan was able to answer my questions and provided me with further information

  • Fernando
    20 août 2020

    Good information and follow-up

  • Angela kovacs
    20 août 2020

    Should also have info with regards to lease held land. Mobile home mortgages.

  • Mike Cole
    19 août 2020

    I liked the fact that Johnathon did not beat around the bush. He was direct.

  • Doug Boczulak
    16 août 2020

    Explained all of my options. Thanks

  • Alan Hein
    16 août 2020

    So far so good! Fast efficient and friendly!

  • Caroline
    10 août 2020

    Very quick to respond by telephone to my inquiry and then with follow up email. He was very helpful in giving information as well.

  • Lenard Ianson
    9 août 2020

    Good information and helpful

  • Ha Dao
    22 juillet 2020

    I had Johnathon Glover answering all my questions promptly and effectively. I was very happy with his service. Thank you again Johnathon.

  • Tien Bui
    22 juillet 2020

    Very helpful

  • Patricia Lamie
    16 juillet 2020

    Quick to make contact.

  • Laura Ferr
    12 juillet 2020

    Emailed frequently but did not provide hours of availability and instead asked for ours which is currently less predictable, making it difficult to choose a call time.

  • Siva
    7 juillet 2020

    Quick call back, great follow up and great rates. Agent was able to answer all questions and was courteous. Good processing time for application.

  • Krishna
    4 juillet 2020

    Very cooperative

  • Lucas Bailie
    1 juillet 2020

    very helpful

  • Rey Bryan Quinto
    30 juin 2020


  • Andre Bard
    25 juin 2020

    I just wanted to get a feel for rates, not looking for an immediate switch. Got an email or two per day, same email asking me to call. Nothing bad about the email but I didn't want to call or contact him. I blocked the email address because I was tired of receiving the same (looked like auto generated) email daily.

  • Patricia Paez
    25 juin 2020

    Excellent response He phoned me on the same day and answer my questions right away .

  • Aoibhinn
    28 mai 2020

    He has been friendly, efficient and very helpful.

  • Kelly Lan
    27 mai 2020

    He is very polite and professional .

  • Will Morabi
    25 mai 2020

    Suuuuuper helpful and accommodating.

  • Jas
    2 mai 2020

    Amazing experience, first time working with a broker and could not have asked for anyone better. Johnathon was in constant contact and even working after business hours to assure we had all the relevant information and never hesitated to reply to messages. Extremely professional and pleasant. Will be highly recommending Johnathon who goes out of his way !!!

  • Dana
    25 avril 2020

    he was very friendly & knowledgeable.

  • Edzyl
    18 avril 2020

    Fast response. Very nice guy. Easy talk. Genius

  • Sreethu
    17 avril 2020

    Very helpful

  • Lee Taylor
    15 avril 2020


  • Cam
    12 avril 2020

    Johnathon was nice enough but he wasted my time by not asking the right questions. I wanted to refinance and I told him that right from the start. I ended up going through the whole process including a credit check all to find out that Johnathon could not deliver on his promised rate. This is very disappointing and something that would tell me to stay away for canwise.

  • Wenjie Zhao
    4 avril 2020

    very nice person and professional. Tried to know me better during the phone call

  • Mark Dayton
    1 avril 2020

    Canwise has been excellent to work with—- our Mortgage Manager - Johnathan has been very responsive and informative along the way.

  • Gary Chan
    30 mars 2020

    Located a broker, but needed to stay with Scotiabank which was not option.

  • Eric J
    26 mars 2020

    Johnathon was extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding different options available and the terms of the mortgages he was offering. He was one of the most knowledgeable and honest people I’ve ever dealt with in the banking industry. I actually didn’t end up refinancing through Canwise but I would be happy to give his number to any friends or family that are looking for a new mortgage.

  • Telly Luo
    26 mars 2020

    Patiently answered my questions and helped me to get one approval. But the monthly payment is even higher for some reason when the new interest rate is way much lower than my original mortgage. he must make some magic behind to get me approved so I am looking forward to discuss this with him.

  • Valerie Gunnell
    22 mars 2020

    Was quick to get back to me despite the covid-19 chalenges. Friendly and professional

  • Maureen Donovan
    21 mars 2020

    Great communication skills, knowledgeable, transparent, friendly, professional.

  • Kenda Pauwels
    19 mars 2020

    Very personal

  • Monica
    18 mars 2020

    Johnathon Glover gave me the best advice given my current circumstances. He was very helpful and provided pointed advice.

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