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Danielle Best


Danielle Best

Téléphone: 647-955-1072 poste 1174

Courriel: [email protected]

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À propos de Danielle

Known for her energetic and contiguous outgoing attitude, Danielle brings with her over 7 years of mortgage experience with one of the top banks in Canada. Having won several awards for excellent customer service, Danielle takes pride in building great relationships with all of her clients. This York University alumni makes it her mission to educate and guide her clients, while allowing them to make the most informative decision. Danielle’s goal is to turn your financial goals into a reality!


5 | 73 commentaires

08 avr. 2024

I wanted to share our recent experience working with Danielle Best as our mortgage specialist. From start to finish, Danielle demonstrated exceptional professionalism and dedication to ensuring our mortgage application process went smoothly. Despite encountering challenges with our builder's lawyer and facing tight deadlines for closing, Danielle navigated the complexities with ease. She worked tirelessly to reapprove our mortgage within 24 hours, ensuring we met our deadline and avoided potential complications with the purchase agreement. Danielle's expertise and unwavering support were invaluable throughout the process, and we're grateful for her assistance. We highly recommend Danielle to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and reliable mortgage specialist. - SC F

01 avr. 2024

It was such a relief knowing I was working with Danielle who knew exactly what was needed every step of the way! She worked hard at getting me the best possible mortgage and I am very thankful for her support and advice! - Erin Pinky

10 févr. 2024

Solid experience! - Geoff Newman

09 févr. 2024

solid service. good variable rate so far - Geoff Newman

08 févr. 2024

5 star review - Ryan Kerins

08 févr. 2024

Just superb service, Danielle Best. She is the one to go to. She exactly knew how to go about the process and making it seamless I would highly recommend her and thank her all the way, she got me something that was almost undoable. - Pramit Rughani

25 janv. 2024

I was very glad to work with Danielle Best: she was always friendly and professional, and I appreciated her clear, knowledgeable answers to the questions I had along the way. - Robert McGill

20 janv. 2024

5 star review - Damian Dorobek